That morning, I woke up to a text. “How is your daddy in Abuja?” it read, he’s fine I casually replied. Then she wrote, go home, daddy is ill. I wasn’t worried because I saw you the night before, you told me you were happy at the way I was turning out and … More LOSS.

IN 2017, WE BUILD!

  Ok, I know that my Happy New Year post was rather depressing but you know, some things have to be said. I am gradually learning that emotions have to be worked through; ignoring them will do nothing positive. I have chosen to work through mine with words and logical reasoning. I just felt I … More IN 2017, WE BUILD!


2016 was an ok year. 2017 will be better. I would have stopped this blog post here but I decided that it might be good to take a brief look into the past to enable me shape the future. I literally do not remember what 2016 was like for me; it was a time spent … More HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Disclaimer: This is a weak ass love story. Lafiaji On a rainy Lagos morning, conductors shouting, passengers moaning Amidst the ruckus and slight pandemonium my mind wandered over to you. The easy way words rolled over your tongue, the juicy stories of Lagos Island you told in the morning. Lafiaji to Sura, Lewis Street to … More LAFIAJI


  Let’s cut to the chase! Violence against women is a human rights violation. It is usually a consequence of discrimination against women both in law and practice. Gender inequality is the ground upon which violence against women stand, it is the bedrock of this menace and until we humanize women and ensure that both … More ORANGE THE WORLD!