Are you dead yet? Are your hands by your side, is your neck angled down? Are you lowered into that six-inch box? Have you submitted to the loss of consciousness? Is your soul drowning, is your spirit floating yet? In this jungle, there’s no life support, Just your mother standing over your body waiting to … More ARE YOU DEAD YET?


  I Competed in the silliest Instagram competition and won. I was to get some Gelato with a celebrity. You see, I am no sweet tooth but my fat rolls testify otherwise. After a quick meeting, I decided to take my lunch break so I could get my winnings somewhere in Lekki. The search for … More EVEN WOMAN…


    That morning, I woke up to a text. “How is your daddy in Abuja?” it read, he’s fine I casually replied. Then she wrote, go home, daddy is ill. I wasn’t worried because I saw you the night before, you told me you were happy at the way I was turning out and … More LOSS.

IN 2017, WE BUILD!

  Ok, I know that my Happy New Year post was rather depressing but you know, some things have to be said. I am gradually learning that emotions have to be worked through; ignoring them will do nothing positive. I have chosen to work through mine with words and logical reasoning. I just felt I … More IN 2017, WE BUILD!