Who I used to be.

I was this person who just existed. I loved god but I was invested in works so must I gave no room for grace. Iw as this person who thought god would love me more if I was a certain way or if I kept certain rules. I wandered so far trying to find myself and I felt so entitled because I thought being a certain way should open some doors so I crashed when reality hit.


3 thoughts on “Who I used to be.

  1. Just stumbled on this blog and I’ve read all the posts. This must be my first time commenting on any blog (and I’m a blog junkie). I’m just a quiet reader. Anyway, I particularly love this one, cos it kinda opened my eyes to what I’ve been doin. You know, sometimes we get carried away by our credentials: born and raised in church, speak Christian-ese (eg. Bless you, it is well, bla bla). But the truth is, all that is nothing before God. I still need to constantly remind myself that nothing i do will ever affect His love for me. So i’m not there yet all. Thanks for this reminder though.

    Eheeen…. and thanks too for shenk-ing us o.


    1. My friends Lafunk and Toyin. Thanks for showing support. Funke I still love you lol Toyin you know how we do… thanks for reading my blog n commenting


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