Hello everybody! First blogpost yay! : My last 10k

Yay first blogpost after a very crazy hiatus! I’m just trying to get a hang of this WordPress stuff so…. Forgive me for my future trespasses lol

So, I withdrew my last 10,000 naira on Wednesday! Not to worry, this is not a poverty blog… Hehehe

I just wrote my bar exams and right now the future is pretty scary right now. It doesn’t help that my bank account has about 500 naira in it. My life has been tough this year I won’t want to just mumble my way through rather I will pick out those elements and talk about them…

Exams literally drained me. I feel like I walked through the Sahara and back without so much as a drink of water.

The break up:
That’s not getting any easier. In fact today was specially tough. I even came up with a saying! You know we get philosophical when we hurt! Well, here is my own philosophy! ‘ healing is not real we just become able to live with the pain’ how deep! Lol

Sound mind company;
This is my baby. I feel like this is the reason why God created me but right now I don’t even know what to do… I’m thinking as the weeks go by I will figure stuff out.

Money matter:
I’m too busy to be bothered about money matter! Money will figure itself out! Wanna see a pic of my account balance? Hehehehe peep below!

Lesson for the day: I complained about feeling stuck to my cousin who is a Life coach and he told me something which I take to heart! He called it chunking.

Chunking: the art of breaking your goals into small pieces so it’s not bigger than what you can chew!

Follow me in my life’s journey and be supreme like me! Kisses


10 thoughts on “Hello everybody! First blogpost yay! : My last 10k

  1. I’ll share something I coined from my recent readings about life – “For as long as the wheel is set in motion and continually turned, you must stay centred in that point of integration that is greater than your ego, because that point is exactly where your strength lies!”. For me that point is God.

    It’s important to keep your purpose alive, to keep drawing strength from your point, and most of all be present in every challenge you come across! What I mean by “present” is being able to sit, think and map out possible solutions to those problems (being active/positive), rather than sit, cry and wonder “why me?” (being passive/negative).

    It will not happen overnight, it will take a lot of practise time but you will definitely experience the good results.

    Your cousin’s advice is right on the money!

    Stay tuned to your purpose! I wish you all the best!


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