Help! My cooking is a mess!

I’m beginning to think this is a problem. Personally i am not a fan of house chores… but that is not because i don’t know how to do chores its just because I’m a lazy somebody! LOL.   Ok! For real, When you can’t cook decent stew you know something is wrong! Yea, that’s my situation right now. Lets just pretend i can still make a decent sandwich.

I made some stew (Tomato Sauce)  and pasta recently and I wanted to cover my face in shame even though I was home alone! I told myself it’s just a one time thing.

I really hoped it was… that would explain my bewilderment when i tried to make some yam and plantain pottage, I’m a yourba girl and these are things our mothers would make without even blinking, but guess what my pottage was so salty i almost cried!

or is it just a two time thing?

Now I’m in-between deciding if i should just give the cooking thing  a rest or keep trying… what do you think? All my supreme chefs out there… This lady needs your help.

How is the weekend going my lovers? Please don’t hesitate to tell me things you would like me to blog about… i am your service full time now. i hope you love reading as much as i love writing!

PS: I will start to upload pictures soon, I’m still getting a hang of this WordPress platform!



16 thoughts on “Help! My cooking is a mess!

  1. My dear, I’m sorry to disappoint you as I am not an authority when it comes to cooking or doing house chores. I’m as lazy as they come, I can’t even cook noodles. Lol.
    Well, I would advice you don’t give up. Keep trying and I’m sure you’ll get your vibes back, or perhaps there was never any vibes to begin with. Lol.


  2. Ok, wait, breathe! Has it always been like this? Or is it just like this because you took a long break? If yes to the latter, dont worry, you’ll ease back into it. If your answer is yes to the former, haba! 9jafoodie is there, lohiO is there, sisiyemmie is there! No excuse o. Or, you can also give it a rest, but for how long? Good luck


    1. Thanks honey dame! It’s not always been the case o. I used to be a badass somebody, trying out new recipes and stuff! Yes been stalking naijafoodie on IG and yes… I already feel like I’m easing back into it… Maybe, maybe not! Thanks for easing and commenting!


  3. Cooking, just like your writing, you must put your heart into it. Start from the basics, discover what you really like/what your style is and the develop it! Happy cooking! 🙂


  4. Cooking, just like your writing, you must put your heart into it. Start from the basics, discover what you really like/what your style is and then develop it! Happy cooking! 🙂


  5. Ahan… Sheybi you used to post all them cooking things on IG at a time? I’m sure its not that bad. I’ve not cooked in a while o but I know that it will sha come sha… Last last I open 9jafoodie by my side. Life is easy now biko, mans cannot be killed.

    Don’t worry the mistakes are necessary.


    1. Yes o! I used to cook orisirisi next thing I can’t cook stew! Sigh lol. Yes o! I’ve resorted to 9jafoodie o! Thanks for stopping by Hun


  6. Just breathe…and keep cooking and keep trying new recipes. Just like me, you dont have to be an executive chef to make good meals for home! Enjoy


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