September: I’ve been tagged!

It’s september already I don’t know how this year went by so fast! It’s gone fast because we have good health and we are alive. We have God to thank for all these mercies….

So I’ve been tagged to do the 7 days of gratitude and also the 20 facts about me. Which do I do first?.. I’m guessing in the spirit of a new month I would like to do the 7 days of gratitude first and that will be on my Facebook page. You can read that here lara oriye

20 facts about me will be uploaded tomorrow and please let me know what else you want to see on this blog.

Did I mention how incredibly amazing it feels to literally have nothing to do, have no one to answer to, no deadlines and no books to study? As soon as I overcame the first week of withdrawal syndrome, now I realise that doing nothing feels amazing lol.

Thank you for commenting, following, interacting with me on this blog. I’m here only because of you.

Have a very lovely september!


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