Let’s talk about the new money Syndrome!

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So I’m starting a series called let’s talk about…. Today is the first one and it’s dedicated to the new money syndrome! Enjoy!

What is new money syndrome?
It’s a situation in which a person behaves in a stupid way because they now have some money. Not necessarily a lot of money. They show symptoms such as the following.

1. They also feel like they know everything and have experienced everything but they have no facts to present!
2. They have a fake accent and have bad diction basically because they were not rich enough to afford private school in their early life. So they have this accent that sounds like a mixture of Jamaican patois and Yoruba with a bit of British influence! #DEAD
3. They feel the need to tell you how perfect their relationship is mostly because it’s not perfect and they need to hear themselves say it so they can feel better.
4. They feel the need to talk about every vacation they’ve been on… Till you want to run away lol they talk about it like 100 times a day!
5. They usually have a story for everything. E.g Omg! I would have brought my car earlier but my dad said…… You know what I mean! Are we in kindergarten???
This list is not exhaustive but I’m not not going to go on…

My case study is this babe I met at Nigerian law school Abuja.

Let’s just say her name is Ruby. Oh my Gosh! After bar finals she put the second biggest strain on my heart! Lol
Let me show a typical conversation to paint you a more effective picture!

Anyone: Hey Ruby I like your shirt
Ruby: oh yea… Thanks I bought it in America, then I went to Mexico and then my boyfriend took me to LA where I wore it for the first time!

Errrrr…. You get my point! What happened to thanks and everybody can breathe! Anyhoo… That was not the point. She was such a chore to be around I think being around her has helped me develop a way to deal with people with new money syndrome!

How to deal with new money syndrome!

1. Don’t complement them on anything I mean DONT!
2. Do not argue with them
3. Never have an intelligent conversation with them, it’s going to become an ‘know it all’ festival and you are going to hate yourself for trying.
4. When they say something stupid and you just want to Barf, just smile and walk away.
5. When they start the my life is perfect conversation please just smile and walk away.
6 if you can talk to them about it please do. If not for the sake of your sanity avoid them all together!
7. And pray to sweet baby Jesus you don’t get trapped in the same room with them!

Now, please, go ahead and share your experiences with me on what you think the new money syndrome is and how to deal with it!

Kisses #supremelikeme


5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the new money Syndrome!

  1. Haha.. I know these kinda people. There was this particular girl in my school. Her case was a bother to nearly everyone. Here’s how it went with her.
    Her: Hey chic, your top is fine. Can I see the tag?
    You: Thanks. Why?
    Her: I just want to be sure. I have the same top but mine is the original.
    On another occasion.
    Her: is that an iphone? Oh it’s not an iPhone 6. Mine is an iPhone 6. My dad got it from the UK for £***. I can’t even wait for the next one to come out. This one is getting old.
    Oh and when she’s got a beef with someone;
    You: What’s your problem? Why are you saying like this?
    Her: Puleeasee…shut up. What are you trying to say? I’m 22 and you’re just 19. Immature bitch.
    REALLY!!! I know what you’re thinking.and yes, she was that bad. I think your suggestions on how to treat people like this is the best way to handle them. They don’t deserve any better.


    1. i was actually feeling like a BV word after io wrote this post but your comments just reminded me that my feelings were legit! hahahah @ your experience!


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