Let’s talk about Gratitude|| I’ve been tagged!

20140913-101943 pm.jpg

My cousin tagged me to do a 7 days of gratitude feature. Well it won’t just be a feature since it’s the way I feel about the mercies of God.
So… Here it goes…

Gratitude Day 1
I am thankful for Jesus. I’m thankful because he shows me on a daily basis what true love is…
Dear Jesus
Thank you because you are my helper and comforter.
Thank you because when I feel alone, down and out you have been my ever present help.
Thank you Jesus because you don’t pressure me, you gently nudge me to do what is right and you don’t judge me when I get it wrong.
Thank you because I know that you are up there praying for me with groaning a that cannot be understood, you are making my way in this world.
Thank you for the hope of a better tomorrow and that one day I get to reign with you forever.

For all this and more, I am grateful!

Hey lovers… Comment below and let me know what you are grateful for!


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