Mothers Day Poetry or whatever you want to call it!

The second Sunday during lent is mothering Sunday and its generally mothers day in some part of the world, the UK and Nigeria inclusive. Don’t worry our American friends we’ll celebrate with you come May 10.

So, I was going to just do a post commemorating the day but my artistic side took over. I have not written a poem in ages so this here is a poem or whatever you want to call it. Let me know how well I did in the comment section. Your comments are music to my ears, you make my soul dance!

Its called Synonyms and Antonyms… Enjoy.

Synonyms and Antonyms

Mother  is love and sacrifice

Love is mother and mother is love

Now my dear that’s a synonym.

Yes they can be crazy but they are crazy with love.

A mother will do anything for her child its innate.

She will hold you even in the storm now that’s intimate

It’s not her fault, shes built to flood you with love.

She can’t plant indiscriminate kisses on your face anymore

So she gets on your last nerve to make you remember her

Just so you can have her voice branded in your mind.

And on your heart her deeds are planted.

Oh! She hates me, she’s bad, She shouts, You Whine.

And it seems like she’ll never forget

that one time I broke the plate or got bad grades.

Much more you know, she celebrates your achievements.

The drama and tantrums  you throw

She’s hard and stern and will sometimes use the whip

So you conclude she doesn’t love you?

Now my dear that’s an antonym.


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