The Big move! Infused water! Weekend!!

I worked  as a trial attorney for a few months, it was a temporary situation so I needed a job  ASAP.  I’ve been looking for other job opportunities and I did not take it easy. This job situation literally caused a twitter storm and yes… that’s story for another day!

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I finally found a job in Lagos, Nigeria. Well, its not my dream job and we haven’t gotten it quite right pay wise but its a little step forward in the achievement of my dreams. So, i made the big move! I left Abuja the beautifully planned serene city where my life was literally so easy I almost forgot why I am here and I moved to Lagos.

I am not going to waste my time describing Lagos. Good news is its been alright and Friday was my one week anniversary! Yay! I have not felt the urge to slit my writs yet so that’s a good thing! I really  hope I love it here and I look forward  to exploring and enjoying the city!

Lemon infused water!

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That’s my work station and that’s my water bottle.

Yes! that’s my water bottle! I am in love with this inanimate object! LOL I have been drinking lemon infused water for the last one and half weeks. Its been amazing. However I switched it up a little this week and added some cucumbers. Next week I’m going to add some strawberries. I have upped my water intake and I feel amazing already. Bring on the great skin!


I am just going to pretend like those skittles are not there… well fail! I am in love with skittles! When I was in University, I would have my skittles in the shape of the map of Africa and just stare at it in the Library… weird right?


 Image result for weekend

On Friday, I  went to dinner with a couple of friends at Barcelos, we were going to watch a movie: Focus featuring Will smith but the timing was off guess that’s Sunday afternoon stuff now. Did I mention that Barcelos has the yummiest Flame grilled chicken and yummy peri peri sauces? Now I have. Well its my Nigerian Nandos for now. (Nothing can take the place of Nandos in my heart)

Saturday was not so bad. I went to church in the morning and then went to work. Pretty simple day but I loved it! Remember, everyday above the ground is a good day!

How is your weekend going? hope you are having the best of times?



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