20 things I’ve learnt in my 20s. Long post but worth every second!

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Hello there, This is a post inspired by YouTube videos I’ve spent time watching in the last few days. I have been reminiscing about life, my choices and things I’ve done in the past either right or wrong. Growing up and being exposed to the kind of opportunities I got you would think i’ll make better choices yea? Well I was some kind of a ‘dunce’ till recently. Well, when I say dunce, I do not mean that I was stupid or that I was horrible, but I sure was slow to grasp unto exciting ideas and opportunities. I was very slow ( Mi o jasi) Yes I was a Lastma clad in iron boots and Late bloomer General of Yoruba land.

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It just came to me that although I feel like I have not achieved so much in life, I have learnt a few lessons. Well maybe  not so few because I literally had to squeeze everything  into these 20 points.


  • Education: Have you noticed that a lot of the silly and unserious people in school back then look like they have made something great out of themselves. They  basically, are still crazy and silly but have more money and swag than you.  I would love to say that I wish I was unserious and didn’t take school seriously but I don’t. I have learnt that nothing beats a good education.
  • Appearance; You finally find that no one actually cares what you look like! What you are able to offer kinda takes precedent at this time.
  • Boys; I have finally found that you neither have to be promiscuous nor a prude all you need for life to suck is to fall in love with the wrong guy. Yes you will have first hand experience with the Suckitude of life!
  • You either have a great sense of humor or you don’t. As for me I used to feel awkward and out of place, I could never dance like other girls, I hated loud music, had a low cut and as if that wasn’t bad enough I would rather read a book than talk to human beings! As I’ve grown older, I find my sense of humor is amazing. Really I am so witty and hilarious (Yes, I am so humble! LOL)
  • You just cant be bothered about stuck up people. They just kinda vanish until you need to make small talk with your friends(AKA Gossip)
  • The Value of Hard work: You have dreams and you can’t back down, at this point, you find that you have dreams that must be birthed. You feel like the whole world will collapse if you don’t achieve your dreams! Don’t be afraid it’s called a sense of responsibility. i have learnt nothing will be handed to me, so I buckle down and work, Fists clad with faith and prayers.
  • In my 20s, I’ve found that not everyone will like me and that’s OK. I really do not care if you like me or not as long as Jesus likes me, darling, everything is fine. However, I would not go out of my way to hurt other people.
  • Friendships: late bloomer or not, weak or strong, sick or healthy, by the time you are in your twenties you will form the most meaningful friendships in your life. That’s what I’ve found out. I’ve met good people and sometimes I feel like I’ve known them all my life.
  • Weaknesses: I have learned that its OK, to have weaknesses. I hav a long list of weaknesses but so are my strengths and amazing traits many. I have chosen to fix my focus on my strengths and excel at them. While I try from time to time to improve upon myself, if you feel like you can’t stand me because of my weaknesses, there’s the door of my life.
  • Well, this is a pretty new lesson, loose some damn weight lady. I weigh over 200 pounds but I’m happy and healthy (Shout out to the people who think when you are big you have hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes and you are a few seconds to a stroke, well i’ll advice that you stop the fat people hating,Thanks). A few days ago I looked in the mirror and told myself loose some weight stupid.(Only Lara can talk to Lara that way) Why? your twenties are a part your best years, you want to look great, do a 10 kilometer run, maybe even run a marathon and just do amazing things.
  •  I have learnt that I am not ashamed of my days of little beginnings. Now I know that those 500 million per-annum jobs are fictional for lazy people. I now get it, life takes hard work and faith I am not afraid to give it. (or get a sugar daddy) No, I’m just kidding.
  • Me Time: me time is at this point very important to me. I still do appreciate my friends and while we may not have lunch every Saturday or stay on the phone for ages, i still want things to be yummy when we meet up or just create a whats-app group and catch up at your convenience.  Yes, friends are important but girl! your life and goals are much more important.

  • Ingredients for a Sucky Sucky life: Fall in love with the wrong person. I have learned that all I needed to destroy my innocence, beautiful life filled with sunshine and flavor (Not Nabania), a life of hope and joy and a beautiful relationship with Jesus was just one thing. A man that we shall not mention. If not for God it would have been worse. Lets leave it at that.

  • Small wedding: One very important thing I’ve learnt in my 20s is the fact that I want a very small, cost effective wedding. Spend as little as possible, invite only relatives  and friends I’ve kept in touch with in the last one year. Then, go on to  build a beautiful home that will stand the test of time! A home that Jesus will be proud of, raise godly children who would be a blessing to this decayed world of ours.
  • Children ; Sound of music was only nice cos it was a movie. I know and I’m pretty convinced that there’s no way I’m popping out seven children. My Gosh, I loved sound of music and I wanted a “quiver” full like that.I actually wanted seven children when i was a teenager but, No thank you.
  • Facebook: Now I know that Facebook is not an alternative to real life. Don’t ask me about twitter though.
  • Life after School: This is my favorite part. When I was in Law school, I always imagined myself in this power suit carrying my Louis Vuitton suit case and strutting to the court house to defend this big pharmaceutical company that will pay me a buck load of money. Well, that was not it. I am strutting my stuff alright but without the Louis Vuitton and the big Tobacco! I’ve learnt that life is harder than we imagined, the only thing is that its doable.
  • Love: well, I  have learnt that love is what you make of it. I still sorta kinda believe… I am a believer!
  • Its OK, to leave friends behind! Repeat after me! You know those friends that refused to grow/evolve but want to guilt trip you cos you grew up?  leave hem behind and don’t feel guilty about it. My Christian self however will add, help if you can.
  • Last but not the least: Friendships are not about the people you’ve known the longest, its about who’s available when the chips are down. No man is an island, we all need friendships.

Hope you enjoyed reading? Please leave your comments and experiences down below. Your comments are music to my hears and they make my soul dance…Hehehe Cheers


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