Get more out of your work day + Music I found!

Take a seat lovely people, Do you want to achieve more at the workplace? This blog post is for you. Whether you work from home or you have to go to the office or you crotchet on the couch, work is work. It doesn’t matter where your workplace is or what you do, we all can do more, achieve more within the time we have.

Without too much introduction, today’s post is going to basically spell out 5 ways with which you can achieve more at the work place. (Ways to achieve more at the work place.Rhymes right? yes I’m such a wordsmith!)

  1. Put down your phone: As a phone addict, I completely understand the need to look into your phone screen every 10 seconds… I’m not saying I do that but… but nothing. Really, put down the phone. Sometimes we do not do our best because we keep majoring on the minor and minoring on the major. If your job requires the use of your phone then by all means ignore this tip.
  2. Set goals and time limit: I know this is everywhere and everyone think you know it already. I challenge you to actually put it to work. set a goal and deadline, that way you achieve more. If your job is the kind that has built in deadlines, #Asyouwere
  3. Avoid procrastination: This gets even the best of us. As an individual, I have serious issues with procrastination. What I do usually is to bring out my mirror and give myself a little pep talk. You can try it too, it works for me. All I’m going to say on this point is Avoid procrastination. Avoid procrastination. Avoid procrastination. Get your life people!
  4. Take a break: This is very important, take your break time. Go out, take a walk, get a drink, do whatever. I find that on days I take my break time off, I achieve more. Don’t burn yourself out, take a quick break.
  5. Drink water: Yes, I am a self acclaimed water therapist, Water campaigner, water boy, water girl. I am such an ardent believer in the wonder working powers of hydration. Drinking water saved my life literally. Drink water, remain hydrated that way you do not have unnecessary headaches and discomfort. Remember, only the living and the healthy get to work!

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and much more learnt something or maybe gained a new perspective on something.

Leave your comments in the box provided below. You know, your comment is music to my hears and my soul actually dances to it!


I found this new music well, not so new apparently but we all know I find things out last! LOL I was taken aback however by the miserable comments people left on the song channel on YouTube. The world is sick my people! Enjoy the Video anyway!


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