The 411: Human Rights, Million dollar compensation, Domestic Violence.

Ricky Jackson (center) with lawyers Mark Godsey (left) and Brian Howe, looks skyward after being released from his life sentence for a 1975 murder he did not commit.
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You know, I initially wanted to upload the 411 as a weekly feature but it turns out I do not want this blog to become a piece of regurgitated mess (Sorry Gossip Bloggers). That made me decide that I won’t post the 411 except there’s a story that actually pricks my interest and I really feel the need to share.

Today it happened that both stories that got my attention this week are human rights related. Most people who know me know that I am passionate about human rights and ensuring that peoples rights are protected.I have a lot of strong feelings and opinions about a lot of topics and I am not afraid to voice them or in this case write them… as we go along you will get to read some of this things that I care so passionately about. PS: I want to know what you are passionate about also, lets make this interactive.

Here is The  411

Apparently, An African american man was jailed for a murder committed in 1975. He basically rotted in jail for 39 years before the supposed eye witness admitted that he had not actually witnessed said murder and had been pressured by Cleveland police. The justice system is supposed to be the back bone of our faith in humanity rather has proven to be the bane of our existence. Well, this man was let go after the witness Eddie Vernon, now 53, told a minister who visited him on his sick bed that Jackson was innocent. A claims judge ordered that he (Jackson) be paid over 1 million dollars in compensation. All thanks to Michele Berry, his attorney from the Innocence Project. Read the full Story HERE

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Domestic Violence still has a hold on the Nigerian society. It’s hard, so hard to hear painful stories like this. A situation where a husband beats his wife to death is not acceptable and the fact that the police was almost uninterested in helping out makes me wonder what mess we are in as a people. I remember tweeting a while ago that just living in Nigeria is a safety hazard well, I guess living as a woman in Nigeria is more dangerous! Read the full story HERE

Domestic violence in Nigeria has been a cause of outrage for many years now but it seems little has been done. As a people we need to face this monster head on, we can start by not tweeting about domestic violence and actually do something.

  1. Report such situations to the police even if its just a suspicion.
  2. Stop tweeting and start educating people one person at a time.
  3. Parents need to give heir children a better orientation. violence is not the answer.

Thanks for reading today and Remember Your comments make music and my soul dances to it!



2 thoughts on “The 411: Human Rights, Million dollar compensation, Domestic Violence.

  1. I love reading stuff like this, thank you for writing!
    Just last week, i asked a lawyer if there is anything in our constitution that prevents a man from beating a woman, spouse or not. This lady told me she isn’t sure. And that got me very scared. Its not until a woman is beaten to death that it should become an issue, it must not even happen at all. But since there is nothing firm in our constitution protecting women in Nigeria, physical abuse is unabated.

    I might be wrong and it’s there. If you know, please inform us so that women can know they don’t have to put up with abuse of any form and they are legally protected.

    Thanks for the follow! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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