My Trip to Computer Village.

So, I had one hour for lunch today, and I decided to go to computer village to fix it. Traffic was horrible, I almost cried but i didn’t. I decided to recline the seat and sleep instead. I was already in a bad mood when I arrived at Computer village. I just wanted to meet the repairer guy and demand an explanation for why I had to be back one week after he purportedly changed my phone’s charging port.

When I got out of the car I met a guy who wanted to sell an iPhone 5s to me for 25,000 Naira that’s like 100 pounds or a little under considering the Naira situation. He kept trying to sell the phone to me and at first I declined in a civil manner, At this point, he was practically yelling at me I tried to make it out of his front he grabs my arm, ‘come and buy phone na’ he yells. I managed to walk away without too much drama…

At the repairers now, I was trying to be civil even though he sun was scorching and I was obviously upset about my phone, some guy walks up to me and says ‘Range Rover’ with a weird face and he looked like he was talking to me but I ignored him and kept on with my conversation with the phone repairer. He moved closer to me and repeats himself, at this point I was afraid he kept saying ‘Range Rover’ and looking at me with very dodgy eyes. Next thing, he grabs my arm and says ‘I’m talking to you, you package well o, see as you carry front and back come package am’ I was livid, afraid and upset all at the same time.

Question one. why are you talking to me? Why are you holding my arm? I said, releasing myself from his grip. Believe you me, he got angry and called me disrespectful and a couple other insulting terms which I shall not mention here. At some point, he accused me of pretending not to understand Igbo language and that I was being ‘posh’. I actually do not understand Igbo Language except the usual ‘Kedu’. I have a good reason though, and that is because I am a Yoruba girl. He told his friends and by standers i was being fake and said somethings in Igbo which I do not understand. I continued to ignore him and at some point I ran back to sit in the car to wait for my phone. About 10 minutes later, I went back to collect my phone. Of course the traffic on the way back to my office was mind numbing. I spent over an hour extra and had to apologize at work. My day went on on a better and more positive note, I had to talk myself out of the bad feeling. It’s not my fault he is depraved.

Well, guys that was my experience at computer village today. You know when you know your rights and laws protecting you from such harassment but everything is just useless? Yes, that was how i felt! Its weird I find it funny now, when it happened I felt so much negative energy it could make a dead truck move!

PS: i wish i took photos but I did not have my camera and my phone was obviously dead. #Sigh


3 thoughts on “My Trip to Computer Village.

  1. So I dont understand, do you look like an igbo girl or what? 2. Thats usually the experience when you go to such places. What I do is, I have a journalist-client kinda relationship with their regulating office, so whenever I need to do anything in C.vill, I just walk into their office and they find someone to assist me.
    But generally, I dnt like going there cos of parking space and the rowdiness. So, pele


  2. Funny comment first: you do kind of, yes, kind of look Ibo. Sorry, but yes. To me at least.
    Everyone has some interesting computer village experience. I have lots especially given I had always plied that route to and from school right from the inception of Computer Village. Returning after many years is also always interesting. If some guy approaches you like that some other time, joke it off. Many of them are usually just messing around and won’t actually harass you if you simply play it out with them. Granted, one may not always be in such welcoming moods, but there are few times, certain things one does to travel for forty days instead of forty years.


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