It’s common knowledge that presidential elections and national assembly elections were held on Saturday the  28th of march 2015. In a matter of minutes our beloved country will have a new president. Personally, I do not have a candidate but the tension is palpable, my twitter feed tells me so! I am so nervous and my feet are cold like I’m about to bungee jump! Nigeria deserves a good leader, we deserve a reduction in corruption and poverty, we deserve a currency that has value and we deserve basic human amenities. Anyone who brings me all these is my candidate.

That being said, The Independent national electoral commission chairman is speaking right now and we will know the results soon. Everyone who knows me knows that I love my country and I have her interest at heart. It doesn’t matter who is declared winner today, peace is our priority, safety of humans and property is our priority. Dear Nigerians say no to violence!

While we wait, we must keep in mind that the progress of Nigeria is paramount. Nigerians must understand that it doesn’t matter how many people are killed and maimed, politicians will remain politicians and the lives lost will be in vain. That’s my one kobo!


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