Easter + Make up tutorial+ I am Not a Make up artist…

I swear i did not use filter!

Hello Supremites… Am I allowed to call you that? Or shall  I say people of the Supreme Nation! How was your Easter weekend? I did enjoy mine, I did not go egg hunting because that’s for posh people eh? maybe I am posh but I had different concerns over the weekend. I was so busy with my friends wedding and road tripping. In fact I had to get treated for malaria cos I broke down with fever et al. Can you imagine, I got to Ado Ekiti at around 10pm last week Thursday?? (By public transport)

Well, gist and pictures from the wedding and my weekend in general shall be up on the blog soon. I must not forget to apologize for taking a whole week off this blog. I promise, cobwebs will not be back here ever again. I was so busy it was unreal! However, the wedding was a success and the bride looked as fabulous as a photo shopped picture of Beyonce!


NOW To the Business of the day. I am about to say something I never imagined I would have to say! I wore a make up look yesterday and ‘people requested that I do a tutorial on my blog’. In YouTube guru voice (I swear they did) I am not a make up artist but after three years of YouTube make up tutorials I can create decent make up looks for whatever purpose /occasion. I personally do not like eye shadow so I just stay away from that stuff! Lets get to the tutorial already!

How to create a Natural/Nude make up look with just a few products.

(This is for my Sharp Sharp people) i.e people who do not have much time for make up on week days or ever! Wanna be surprised? I didn’t use foundation to achieve this look! YES!


What I used :   IMG_4782

  • Concealer : Sleek Luminous concealer in LOS 855
  • Concealer (eyebrow) : Fashion fair
  • Blush :Sleek Blush by 3
  • Eye shadow/Blush : Zaron
  • Nude lipstick :  Barefaced by Zaron
  • Pink lipstick : (I don’t know the name, gift from a friend)
  • Plum lipstick : Sugar Plum (No 7 by Boots)
  • Eye pencils: Brow and Black. Davis costs about 50 to 100 naira
  • Wine lip liner : Jordana 40, currant
  • Mascara : Jordana full lash something!
  • Kabuki Brush : The Body Shop
  • Blush brush: Random buy costs about 200 Naira

How I did it:

  • Draw eyebrows as normal, conceal dark circles lightly   me
  • Apply blush and apply gold eye shadow as shimmer
  • Line eyes with black pencil then proceed to apply gold eye shadow on to your tear duct but spread and blend evenly.
  • Line lips with wine colour lip liner, apply nude lip stick first the two pink ones in whatever order and then nude again.
  •  Apply lip gloss
  •  Blend the whole look with the powder of your choice. .

There you have it! Natural look is ready!

Remember : Your comments mean everything to me! Let me know if this was helpful at all… I am not sure I will do this again but let me know in the comment section if I should!

Love you Ladies!


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