She’s a bad bad woman!!

bad woman

I just had the most depressing experience of my life! There are a lot of things in life that will want to snatch your soul and make you regret ever being born. One of those things is being Nigerian. 80 percent of the time I am a proud Nigerian girl but you see the pain and despair of the other 20 percent often overshadow my proud moments. I do not disagree with the Nigerian writer who wrote everything in Nigeria is going to kill you. He is not lying; quality medical help is almost none existent except you are super rich and everyday stuff like electricity is luxury! Don’t even get me started on the corruption that’s constantly threatening to strangle us as a people. I know Nigerians like to blame government for everything but this morning blame yourself!!

Why am I ranting? I’ll tell you.  I am so angry and depressed about the level of corruption in this country.

This morning, I went to get some recharge card (Top up) to renew my internet subscription, I stopped at a woman’s stall on my way to work and bought 1,500 naira worth of Airtel recharge cards, she asked me should if she could  scratch it,  I nodded yes. I did not want to go through the hassle of scratching the recharge card. I got to the office and punched the numbers in and guess what happened on my phone?

This card has been used by another subscriber.

This woman sold me recharge cards previously used by another subscriber. She just pretended to scratch it before giving them to me. Color me livid!!

I humbly returned there and the following conversation ensued.

Me: Well done o madam.

Her face
Her fake smile!

Corrupt recharge seller: Aunty you are back? (Fake smile)

Me: This recharge card has been previously used why did you sell it to me?

Corrupt recharge seller: No o! it hasn’t, shebi I scratched it in your presence na, I don’t sell used recharge cards here o!

Me: Calmly, just give me another before I get angry. I am trying so hard here to remain calm you corrupt person. A short lecture on how she is the problem of Nigeria and she has no right to accuse our leaders of corruption, a quick quote of section 419 of the criminal code and a few angry words later, I made her understand that she was a 419 somebody!

Corrupt Recharge card seller: Aunty no vex ( Don’t ne angry) hands me new recharge cards then asks, “Should I scratch it”?

I snatched the cards angrily and went away.

Well, that is the end of my rant! On an even more serious note we must say no to corruption as a people! Nigeria needs to be corruption free for us to move forward!

You know what to do, make my soul dance with your comments and contributions!

All images used from Google images.


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