Lets Talk About Affordable Afros!!


So, everyone who knows me knows I’m some sort of a cheapskate.  I didn’t grow up poor neither was I wealthy, I had everything I needed (not wanted o! You don’t know my mum, she will cancel your list until you’re moved to tears). Well, that’s by the way

My journey to ‘cheapskatehood’ (Here I go again, making up words) began when I found that a piece of possession  did not have to cost so much for it to be useful and even last long. So I basically do not buy expensive things, I buy things I like no matter how ridiculous it may appear to people.  Let’s just say I met some even ‘cheapskatier’ than me in a friend whom I love so much but we shall not mention.

The Topic today is how to maintain your natural hair without breaking the bank! That’s good news isn’t it?

I have my sweet natural Afro and I love it. But I don’t exactly spend too much money keeping it together and believe me my hair is yum! And I have testimonies to prove it! So I’m going to share my tricks with you!

Step 1: Avoid pomade peddling Hair gurus: Yes. I only go on sites where the hair guru is not trying to push a certain product.  Now it’s a different situation if the hair guru in question is just sharing her general routine, but when someone begins to insinuate that only a particular #22,000 (twenty two thousand naira) deep conditioner or leave in conditioner is the key to good hair? Abeg don’t give me key, lock me outside!  That’s not the voice of God stay away. That reminds me of when I wanted to buy hair products a while ago and said lady wanted to sell a set of conditioner, shampoo and deep conditioner to me for 25k! I politely said it’s not a by force kind of a sturv o!

Step 2: Learn every day, do your research and find out how to make natural hair products. I have never bought deep conditioner in my life, I use natural home made products. Bananas, avocado, honey, yogurt, eggs, lemon etc. DIY is your friend. I am a tea lover so I just share my tea between my mouth and my hair! (Tea rinse) Lobatan!

Step 3: Braids. That’s all.

Step 4: Spray bottle/can. Whatever you do, if you are trying to avoid spending too much like me, buy a spray bottle don’t be too cheap! Well, I didn’t buy my own pray bottle. I just converted a used can of Airwick room spray that I had in law school into my hair spray bottle; I ripped off the label and gave it a good wash. Voila! Spray bottle haff come!

Step 5: What is in your spray bottle and how often do you apply it to your hair? This is where I have to confess, although I have never bought deep conditioner, I usually buy leave in conditioners. Those are as important as the hair itself! What is life without a bottle of my tea tree leave in conditioner? I don’t want to find out mahn! In my spray bottle I have water, three different kinds of oils and leave in conditioner. Then all my ladies *In Inyaya’s voice*, spray spray spray as often as you can either your hair is braided or not! Moisture is everything!

PS: My hair oils are mostly from the market in Ado Ekiti, those women make fresh stuff and the price is a steal! Hehe

With these few words of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you (Abi confuse you and not convince you…) that cheap Afro is the way, Thanks.  haha

Who remembers this? Omg! I remember the days of debate club in secondary school! Good times! LOL

If you have any tips on maintaining your natural hair in a way that wont cost arm, please leave your ideas in the comment box! lets share our cheap ways! LOL


4 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Affordable Afros!!

  1. Thanks Oh’veey! First for stopping by and reading and for dropping your comment! i will def include onion juice in my next deep conditioner! Diy is the way babe!


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