And so…. I fell down Yakata!

This is not figurative neither did I fall down like the righteous man which the bible promises will rise up seven times. I literally fell to the ground hand and knees touching the floor and I had just one minute to get off the road! My physical body fell flat on the floor of Oduduwa Cresent last night, it was almost funny, just that it wasn’t funny!

holy crap
Humpty dumpty much?

. Let me tell you how it happened: I don’t know if you have heard about my rise and fall relationship with weight loss, but in March this year I decided (yet again) to pick myself up again like the proverbial righteous man. I started to eat right as much as I could and work out again. Yesterday the 23rd of April 2015, I set out on my routine one hour walk/jog at 7pm but this time, I went with a friend. We had been walking briskly for about 20 minutes so I decided to take it up a notch and jog. A few minutes into my run, I encountered this keke Napep (Commercial tricycle) driver coming on so fast, I move closer to the wall, I’m guessing that was someone’s fence, since we were inside an estate (No pedestrian walkway) This keke guy still followed me and by the time I could dodge being hit by a tricycle, I tripped and fell flat on the ground. While I was going down I had different thoughts and pictures in my head, for a minute I thought “Ahh… you can’t fall its all in your head” “Are you falling, you are not falling o, don’t worry your body will not touch the ground” “bla bla bla” and then I’m on the floor bruised badly and my knees were on fire!

Glass half full!

I managed to pick myself up and by this time my friend was by my side and I was trying so hard not to cry, he was trying to dust off the sand on my knees and arms etc while I just concentrated on trying not to erupt like molten lava! (Thanks Femi for not laughing, you are a better friend than I am… Errrr… Nah) Well, now I am in so much pain although I am at work, my knees are badly bruised and my palms are extremely sore; I almost could not wash myself this morning. Thanks to my two inbuilt angels (Friends) they attended to my wounds and this morning, I literally couldn’t get out of bed because my leg felt like Queen Elsa had visited me! (Frozen), they massaged it and got me out of bed. Well, I am thankful to God that it wasn’t worse than this. I feel like if the tricycle had hit me, my injuries would have been far worse!

Very Valid Question!

The most important part of this story however is the fact that I am so disappointed! I thought falling down and hurting myself would earn me some points with the weight loss gods and goddesses and they’ll shave like 10kg off my body weight during the night. I woke up the same! Chai there is God o! All Images used are from google and can be found Here


10 thoughts on “And so…. I fell down Yakata!

  1. Eyaa…lara bae,so sorry…i laughed so hard but i understand cos I’ve been there…keep the weight loss fire burning..dont give up


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