Never Alone…


Last week was tough for me, I am not one prone to frequent melt downs but it felt like every occasion in my life happened to steal my joy! I questioned everything. I tried to blame myself and whoever was in sight for one thing or another. Over the weekend, I decided to make a deliberate decision to feel better, be happy and trust the process, I decided to enjoy where I am while I work on where I want to be. (No settling allowed) I have a million and one things in the pipeline but for some time now if has felt as though nothing was working.

I decided to shift my focus and place it on the beauty of the process and the glory that lay ahead. You would think I have everything down eh? In fact I thought so until… Yesterday a friend brought up a conversation on BBM, he mentioned something about talents, success and the likes. He wanted to talk about why some people make it big and some people have to work extra hard. It’s a feeling I am familiar with so I listened. (I am a horrible listener so I have been trying to let people speak before I say things) Don’t ask me if it’s working! LOL

Well, that conversation ended badly I think, I felt belittled and judged by where I am at the moment. I literally felt like I was called a public speaker without an audience.(Amongst other things) On the other hand I felt fired up, I decided to not let that get to me and just keep working. I’m counting it all joy. It will only make my story yummier.

Encouragement is good, motivational speeches are good but if you want something you have to create it. There’s nothing grand and profound anyone can say to help. You must:

  • Figure out your talents and passions: What comes easy to you
  • Prioritize and decide which ones you must pursue
  • Be resilient. Now this doesn’t mean it will happen in a week or a year, it just means you are sowing the right seed and it will pay off.
  • Fourth Tip: is to be Dangote’s daughter or wife or better still, marry an Arab prince.  I kid.I kid. (I give good advice don’t I?

During a personal time of musing and meditation I came up with the following. They have been helpful and I think it could help you too!

“It’s hard to come to the realization of whom you are but the moment you do, you are on your way to Destiny.  Sometimes who you really are scares you but you have to stay true to that person so you can travel far”

– MissLara

“Do not expect to stand out if you do not step out, nothing amazing happens in your comfort zone”

– MissLara

“I am beautiful and intelligent, the best the world has ever seen. I do not measure my courage, strength and intellect by other people’s standard; I am patterned after my perfect example which is Jesus”


“Everything you need God can provide, do not give in to frustration and depression. Amazing things are lined up for you”


I could not help but feel like someone else out there needs to read these things, Someone needs to know they are not alone so they can be encouraged. You are not Alone, Be encouraged.

Have a lovely week friends.

You know what to do; Read, share and comment!


4 thoughts on “Never Alone…

  1. “I am beautiful and intelligent, the best the world has ever seen. I do not measure my courage, strength and intellect by other people’s standard; I am patterned after my perfect example which is Jesus”

    That was for me!! Super hugs for you dear.


  2. Reading this was very encouraging. I personally needed to hear all that you had to say. I think I can empathize with you experience because at the moment I am going through my own, and through it all my loving friends have advised I let myself go through the process and not fight it, just like you mentioned. Awesome, ehh?

    Girl, you are good. God has your back, for He is your unshakable Fortitude.


    1. I feel so honored to be able to affect your life, albeit in a little way. We are good. We are going to be great! Cheers


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