Body odor issues?

7natureways Although I had some other post scheduled for today, I believe this is a very important subject that needs my attention. I am a strict believer in the scripture that says “we are the light of the world, a city built upon the hills cannot be hidden” As much as I try to spread some cheer and encouragement, I feel like I need to spread the gospel according to hygiene! When I was in the world (i.e younger and maybe a little meaner) I would either laugh at or judge people with body odor harshly, I would not even give you the time of day. I felt like there is no excuse to stink. Seriously, are you a septic tank? Maturity however has taught me that people smell for several reasons, some reasons are medical, some are because of transportation issues , e.g Molue (Bus) hopping, standing in the sun and sweating, etc but still some people smell bad because they are just irresponsible adults. Sigh, it’s so hard to be funny writing this post because this is such a subject close to my heart. Seriously, don’t smell bad, don’t be arrogant in your smelliness and please take a damn shower!!! Well, I have here 7 natural tips on how to smell better!

  • Shave your underarms: You can achieve this with a shaving stick, shaving cream or whatever means you want to use. Thing is hair holds on to smell and as soon as the hair is gone half of the problem is gone.
  • Detox: Detoxifying is a great way to get rid of body odor. Take some time off the burgers and fried foods and give your body some Green love. (Yea I said that. Green love hehe)
  • Wash regularly: Wash, shower, take a bath please just do something. Washing your body is the easiest way to get rid of funny smell.
  • Deodorant: This is a great way to smell great for little money. No one is saying buy the most expensive perfume, with less than 500 Naira you can get a nice smelling body spray and stop competing like refuse truck!
  • Alum stone: Now if the body odor is really bad, you can rub alum stone over your armpit twice a day. After taking a shower. It actually would help after prolonged use.
  • Apply vinegar: This could be normal white vinegar or apple cider, spray a small quantity on arm pits and leave to dry. Probably after showering at night.
  • Lemon: Yes, don’t just make lemonade when life hands you lemons, cut them open squeeze one part lemon into two parts water and rinse your underarms.

I said 7 natural ways that doesn’t mean that those natural ways cannot be desperate measures. Body odor is an emergency don’t think because you are not dying everything is fine, you may not be dying but we are and that’s not fine. Thanks for letting me write these things and thanks for reading them. I can’t wait to read your comments…


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