Finding my Lagos

finding my lagos

Finding my Lagos


Everyone knows I’m still trying to find my way around Lagos and my major issue with this town is not traffic; it’s the fact that I do not have a car at the moment. I basically ride with my friend almost all the time and sometimes I ride the bus and tricycle( Insert Tear Emoji)

I’d like to remind you that this is new for me mainly for two reasons; I grew up in a small town in the western part of Nigeria and was driven around until I had my own car. We had no buses; we had taxis and okada (Commercial Motorcycle) which I occasionally frolicked with.

Oh well, don’t pity me yet until you read the episode titled #Igbosere

A few Saturdays ago, I went to Iyanapaja to visit my sister (I have to say that I have the cutest most amazing nieces and nephew!) The ride over was pretty straight forward and smooth until I decided to be a cheapskate on my way back. A friend dropped me at her house and so naturally I was to so I decided I was to take a cab back home.

Please bear in mind that the cab ride costs literally 1,500 Naira but my cheapness was going to punish me that night. I basically rationalized that the weather was cold and windy it would be a great idea to take the bus so I decided to wait at the bus stop.

I was so paranoid. I kept clutching my hand bag under my armpits, looking back and forth like a bloody thief. At some point I took off my watch and earrings, then I decided to put my earrings back on when I remembered it cost around 400 Naira at Mr Price. Sigh

I decided to be brave, even though I was surrounded by rough strangers who seemed to be angry about something, in the distance were some trucks honking tirelessly. I picked a spot near a car charger seller dutifully manning his stall faintly lit by a tired rechargeable lamp. Every bus that came around had an issue, it was either too full or the conductor looked really mean and I would decide to wait for the right one. So I waited…

About 3 minutes into my wait, a drunken looking guy came toward me I silently prayed that he would walk past me but no, the gods of cheap skate nation were not smiling on me. He came directly at me and mumbled something along the lines of ‘omoge oya come na’ mortified I stood there wishing him away… the stall owner looked away and I knew I had to FIND MY LAGOS this minute.

The drunken guy proceeded to grab my arm and that was when I snapped and said a bunch of horrible things in Yoruba. Wadding him off in a somewhat violent manner, as I watched him insult me right back and walk away, I had the best feeling I was finally a Lagosian.

This Lagosian thing is not a joke man… I activated the black man blood in me. Well, this is me, finding my Lagos one adventure at a time.



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