Did I mention that I am lawyer and I actually have a pretty decent job? Although I don’t make a lot of money, I have massive fulfillment in what I do. I wake up every morning even after two hours of sleep a bubbly happy lady who cannot wait to get to work.

Being a litigation lawyer automatically means a lot of studying, drafting, typing and my personal favorite court appearances. The million dollar question however is how the flipping hell do I get to court???!!

Simple answer; I drive occasionally, I sometimes hitch a ride with a senior lawyer assigned to the same case or my personal favorite (NOT), I take the bus.

Ahhhh… the first time I took the bus to Lagos state high court Igbosere was so dramatic. It’s worthy of mention that I suck at directions hence I do not know my way around Lagos (YET). This factor did not make it a pleasant day. I was sweating like a Christmas goat and I have pictures to prove it.

The trip to the island was pretty nice. I was dropped off at Maryland and then I got on a bus going straight to Obalende.  I made a friend on the bus, she thought my natural hair was so beautiful and she wanted to hear tips on how I maintain it. As a sharp babe I traded natural hair knowledge for directions to my destination. Such a nice girl… I took her number but haven’t called her yet.

My bus ride back to the mainland however did not go as planned. To start with, I didn’t know where to board a bus going to Ikeja, so I walked around for like 35 minutes asking people where I can take the bus. I finally found out from a helpful stranger that I had missed my way so I had to walk back to my starting point. By the time I got to the bus stop, I was completely tired and sweating profusely.

Best part of the day….

Quick question! Is there a reason why bus drivers are sorely impatient? I climbed on to the bus and before I could turn around and sit the bus driver zoomed off, I tripped and fell faced down on the hot wooden seat. Yea, that actually happened. LOL

It was a crazy hectic day but I survived it and I’m still surviving. What is a girl to do; I’m just trying to find my Lagos one experience at a time.



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