Finding my Lagos – Oshodi

Finding my Lagos was born out of a need to rant about Lagos and it’s madness. Gradually that has changed. My annoyance has gradually metamorphosed into appreciation and in the madness, I began to see beauty.

On Tuesday, I had to go to Isolo to post bail on some pro Bono case I am working on. I was not necessarily in a hurry so I decided to come down at Oshodi and take a walk through the market. Although the market was crazy, there was so much beauty in the hustle of everyday Lagosians. People laughing, cursing, fighting, hustling and working to make a living.

P:S The poverty levels are still so bad. I don’t need statistics to tell me this, I saw poverty in the eyes of citizens, in the innocent smiles of children and in the sweat of adults… God Bless Nigeria.

PPS: Next Episode is going to be amazing. I can’t wait for those images and there’s a lot of complaining LOL


FML : Did you buy the wheel Barrow?

MAN: No, I found it at a scrap yard and put it together…

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Dignity of Labor… Ise Logun Ise More on Instagram 


“I Help My mum during the holidays, she sends me to school when she has money”

IMG_20150805_095149 (1)

Ilupeju pedestrian Bridge…


“Aunty don’t snap me o… the government will send you to snap us and they have reused to help us”

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