LAST WEEKEND: 6 things I learnt at the ADIES.

5 things

About a week ago, I attended the Advocacy For Inclusive Education Summit hosted by UVA in conjunction with TEP. It was an amazing time as we got to listen to people passionately plead the course of our history, traditions and language in regards to the secondary school curriculum. We also got to learn about inclusion as regards disability. It was such an amazing experience.

I had studied up on laws and policies as regards inclusive education with special regard to disability, HIV/AIDS and history.

My home work did not really help- I couldn’t have been ready for the expository way issues were discussed. I wasn’t ready for the beautiful ways in which ideas were laid out, the wisdom in their words and the passion in their delivery. I just wasn’t ready. If it were church it would be safe to say I was blessed.

Before I bore you with my gist… let’s see the 6 things I’ve learnt.

  1. You are never too young to make a difference and impact your world. You are never too young to place a demand on yourself, man and country to be better.
  1. Exposure is everything! You must step out of your comfort zone.  In fact, be thirsty; let your thirst for knowledge consume you. Find knowledge, find information and better yourself. I enjoyed being exposed to the plight of the disabled and how inclusive education goes a long way to better their lives… etc Learn new things, when you are better your community is that much better.
  1. Ignorance as to your history, culture and language is not bliss. A river that forgets its source the elders say will run dry.
  1. You are not too old to be a world changer I met a lady who had been a banker for eons and then decided to pursue education. She is amazing and inspiring.
  1. You do not need to be popular to change your world. You do not need Instagram fame, Twitter popularity or a Snapchat following to be awesome and be a change maker. The unveiling Africa proves this point one event at a time. Good work is being done and I know Nigeria will be better for it.
  1. The future of Nigeria is in your hands. Whether you like it or not, the future of this country is your problem. It’s my problem as well. We must get together and make sure we move Nigeria forward. We must speak out, rant, scream and act. We must do better!

I would write more but we have to save something for later yes? Have a Good Friday!



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