I met Mrs A at an event recently and we exchanged contacts, she was very pleasant so I  totally decided I was going to reach out to her at some point. By the next day she gave me a phone call and said to me, “I like the passion with which you spoke, I’d like to invite you to a meeting”. “It’s a group of women, an association of professional women with the aim to affect other women positively”. “We are new but I see great things in our future”. Mrs A didn’t need to sell it more than that. I heard the words women and positive and I was sold.

On Wednesday, I took permission from the office to be gone for a few hours] and I began my journey to Ikoyi to attend the meeting. When I got to the venue, (Rode with Mrs A) I had to go up a few too many flights of stairs but I guess that’s good for my unhealthy self. The house was so tastefully decorated and in some way that was comforting, I saw smiles everywhere and I realized this is a group of women who were ready to support one another and make sure that although the world may marginalize us, within this group, was a safe haven.

Rakiya Zubairu, Group head of the Gender Business arm of the Bank of Industry was invited to educate us on financial matters mostly regarding funds and loans available for businesses owned by women. It turns out most women do not know of this availability and the rate of access has been really low. It was an eye opening presentation carefully put together to impact some level of financial literacy.

I have to say I learnt so much and the entrepreneurial spirit in the room definitely rubbed off on me. It was an amazing experience and I plan to attend again and again and again.


This is just an introduction post so let’s keep short… Shall we?

Please indicate in the comment section if you are interested in joining and I can make inquiries for you.

Chao Bellas!



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