Happy Monday friends, so it’s another Monday and the MCM madness has started. personally I don’t have MCM except MCM means MENTION  CRAZY MEN then I have got a list LOL

So this is my headache. Why get all philosophical over a man crush Monday post. I know that matters of the heart get us to that place where the wise sayings just exude out of us and even our sweat has some form of wisdom nugget embedded in it. But it’s never that deep. If you don’t have an MCM just like me, put up a picture of Jesus. He’s the ultimate MCM he died for you, what kind of MCM are you looking for again?

Can that boo even sleep for you? I am not talking to the ones involved with Yoruba boys; you are on your own sha. You just know that you are on a long thing. Yoruba boys don’t die for anyone, they can however, spend your money, eat your tasty Jollof rice and if he’s the pound and Egusi type… I kid, I kid.

I know it’s hard but believe me, the Yoruba boy slander is not the reason why I’m doing this post. The main issue is the fact that Nigerians take everything so personal. Why diss someone for putting up MCM picture? is it your Instagram? Why so angry? Why insinuate that the relationship will not last or that putting up MCM is some sort of jab at single ladies… all my single ladies… Beyonce twirl and….we are back.

Let’s just generally calm down. It’s not a war ladies! I am just going to explore a few reactions to a MCM lover post on social media. Just pick your own and stay in line. If I didn’t cover your situation just let me know in the comment section!

  • The IN LOVE and ‘SECURE’ GIRL; You see, Nigerian girls say things like I don’t need to post MCM because I know our love is strong and I don’t need MCM to prove that. We are very secure in our relationship… errr why do you need to tell us that? Well, gerrarahere! You don’t do cute MCM messages because the boyfriend has said at some point “I don’t believe in those things” and so you automatically do not believe as well. Better post MCM if you want to!

It’s possible that or you genuinely do not find such stuff cute or valuable but don’t sit on your high horse and Judge Judy those who enjoy it.

  • The Other REASONS KIND OF GIRL; My journey in life has also helped me understand that some people are afraid to post this MCM featuring their lovers because of a few reasons like…
  1. He may belong to everybody and belong to nobodyIMG_20150810_150608
  2. You don’t want your frenemies and social media monitoring spirits to know your boo

Or my personal favourite

  1. You don’t want your boo to de camp after his hotness or otherwise has been revealed on twitter and Instagram.

Quick note however, you don’t need the internet to get your boo snatched from you.  Well, so I’ve heard!

Be sure to have a great Monday! This is me sending some laughter and fun your way today…!  Let me hear your views in the comment section!




  1. Jesus is my MCM ; all day erryday!!!!
    Some people can’t put before their destinies will be riddled with thunder and lightning.
    Also their boo may be “oni shina” and find new babe from the hoard of ” y’all cute, OMG you’re so lucky, #relationshipGoals” comments… Hehehehe
    Biko when I have someone who is not afraid to say I am his and I know that, I will post it o! So that I can be part of the cool kid club


    1. You’re not alone. Jesus is my MCM all day err day. Even when boo comes Jesus is till my MCM. It will be sweet to join those people sha…


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