NBA Conference 2015 PART ONE

Nigerin bar association conferencepart one

So basically, my next few posts are going to be about the just concluded NBA conference. I happen to have a few 411posts coming up as well. The internet has been crazy and a few stories are proper popping and crying for my attention! From where I stand, it’s going to be a juicy blog weekend!

The Nigerian bar association had her 55nd bar conference during this week and I attended. Last week Monday I headed out to Abuja. My friend drove me to the airport and she was so nice, I almost felt emotional about leaving her and her sister for a few days. Well, right now, it feels like a marriage. I remember the first night I was away from the older F I couldn’t sleep. LOL

Let me just chip in that there are friends and there are friends. I am lucky to have my friends in my life every single one of you. But, I digress.

I left Lagos with so much expectations, I could wait to attend the conference I had registered and paid on line so I was geared up and ready. When I got to Abuja the bad news started to flow in my direction. Registration was so annoying and crass, it was disorganized and in fact some people fought at the registration site which happened to be one of the best hotels in Nigeria. In my head I thought how can you come and disgrace your family like this? Why are you fighting for conference materials?  How did you become a lawyer? Who signed your benchers form? Who declared you fit and proper for the bar? Brethren, these were the questions for the gods that kept ringing my head.

Order Restored! Praise Jesus!

I began to plot and plan on how to get there early. I really wanted to be ahead of the whole queue so I’ll be done before the Evander Holyfields of the legal profession came.  When I got there I was massively disappointed and impressed at the same time, I saw everyone seated in an orderly fashion. There was a queue and it was being respected and followed, I saw for the first time in a long time Nigerians who waited for their turn. my feelings quickly went from being confused and it became pride. I was so proud of us.

Then I look around properly and saw men in uniform. I won’t mention which body they belonged to. But I saw men in uniform coordinating the affairs. My heart sank. Can we as Nigerians do the right thing without being treated like animals and ordered around by men in uniform?

To be continued…..



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