Lets talk about Jollof rice!

Do not let anyone treat you like white rice

Ps: Do not let anyone treat you like white rice. Darling, you are Jollof rice!

I had no plans to hop on the Jollof Rice and White Rice competition which has become a serious Instagram trend. But my brethren, I know what it feels like to be treated like Jollof rice and I know how it feels to be treated like white rice. In fact, that my ex did a number on me, I felt like asaro that lacked sufficient palm oil! (Yam Pottage)

See, when it comes to age and the world’s clock, I am no spring chicken, it’s not like I haven’t attained the winter turkey level but you know… age is coming o

I digress.

Women are tempted to grab any man that seems to show them some affection or give them a little attention when they get to a point in their lives. Mostly because they are getting older and their proverbial biological clock is ticking. Sweet heart let that clock tick, it’s only normal for clocks to tick. If the ticking is disturbing you, remove the battery and live your life.

This is the idea, Jollof rice means being treated properly,well or like a queen that you are by the opposite gender. White rice connotes shabby treatment / settling. Don’t ask me further questions it was a something I saw on instagram as well!

This is all I have to say in this post. Let’s leave it short and sweet. Morale of the story is this; do not settle, do not fret over finding love, money, a husband, that dream job etc  Do not let life put you in a place where you just accept whatever comes. The best and only the best are set out for you.

In fact, while you wait for these things look in the mirror and tell yourself I am so special, like party Jollof rice made with ata dindin and tin tomatoes. You know those red Jollof garnished with coleslaw, dodo and flame grilled chicken. Yes! That one! You are special and loved by God.

Do not let the world determine your joy and peace over situations. Reach to God, reach within and I pray for you today, the peace of God will rule in your affairs.




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