The day i slept off on the bus...

In case you are thinking this title is figurative… well, it’s not. I actually slept off on a bus and missed my stop!

I was on my way to Ikeja from Yaba and somehow I slept off. I have slept off on the bus more than once but this particular day was so special because the conductor had to wake me up at the last bus stop which was three bus stops away from mine. Don’t ask me how it happened, I really don’t know either.

Background: I no dey see car breeze! If I get into a car to proceed to a certain destination and I’m not the one driving, it doesn’t matter if the windows are up; car breeze will find me and I’ll be asleep in literally 5 minutes. Actually, sometimes I’m asleep in 20 seconds.

So this beautiful day, a friend dropped me off at sabo, Yaba. So I jumped on a bus dressed pretty good actually, I was coming from an appointment. I sat behind the driver and rested my head on the window. The rest as they say is history LOL

I remember waking up for a minute around Maryland but it felt like I was dreaming. So I went back to sleep as a baby geh. Fast forwards a few minutes, the following conversation woke me up.

Conductor: iya yi ti sun lo sha (This woman is legit asleep)

Driver: bami ji ko bole ninu moto mi mi o wa wahala (Please wake her up and let her get out of my vehicle I don’t want any trouble)

Me: woke up, eyes halfway shut, walks off the bus feeling the deepest kind of shame ever known to man.

Image result for lagos buses
Image courtesy Nairaland

By the time I was back on the street, I realized I was three bus stops away from my destination. I adjusted my handbag and proceeded on my journey to finding my destination.




5 thoughts on “THE DAY I SLEPT OFF ON A BUS

  1. hehehehehehehe err sorry I meant to type hehehehehehe
    Okay I give up! I know the feeling as it’s happened to me just yesterday morning on my way to work, however I woke up by myself and thankfully I had only gone past one stop! see race and prayers for the Lord to delay the train and he did by a whopping 14minutes!
    Hope you “found your Lagos” 😀

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