There are different  types of people in this world the creators, consumers, People who add value and people who do not.


Value is anything that increases the chance that another person will achieve what they’ve set out to achieve. What are your goals for each day you live, is it to make the world easier for the other person or make it that much difficult? Do you go about looking for hand me downs or do you get up, dust your butt and hunger to create, to add value? I don’t mean to be all deep and stuff but sometimes we must stop and think, then map our paths in life.

The creators are people who see a need in the world and have the passion to fill it. They are constantly looking for how to problem solve and make the world a better place. We then have the consumers, these are the people who wait for the creators to make something then they use it and proceed to complain, stating why the things created aren’t good enough.

              I cannot stand people who aren’t driven. People who do not see the need to add value to life, people who cannot find enough passion to bother about their communities and country are a turn off for me.  I naturally gravitate toward people who constantly burn with passion and that are hungry to make the world that much better.

                Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need Instagram fame to add value, you do not need twitter neither do you need Facebook. Focus on your physical community and make yourself useful.  It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do, what does matter is that you in whatever you do, you ask yourself, how can I make this better?

4 tips on how to be a value adding individual

  • Determine your values; Explore within you and find out what is important to you, in relation to the world in general, career, community and life. Things like altruism, honesty, leadership, determination, love, conformity, professionalism, entertainment and wealth are just several varied examples of values that a person may subscribe to.
  •  Learn a little about everything; Google is your friend, learn a little about everything. You must equip yourself with knowledge ranging from neuroscience to Kim Kardashian. You must expand your knowledge base. You don’t have to know everything but keep an informed mind.
  • Be passionate: Passion goes a long way. One cannot just waltz through life without fire. There are people who feel nothing, they don’t care if the world is crumbling or the price of gas has gone up. If you don’t have a passion or you’re having a hard time finding what you are passionate about please take a look at tip 1 and find what you are passionate about. Get some fire!
  • Be a Doer; if you have a problem executing ideas and plans do not feel bad, you are not alone. My mind is like an idea china town, you can find everything in there. I am constantly busting with lofty and sometimes out of this world ideas. Execution however is a major issue for me. So you are not alone. What we must do however is never quit, we must not stop trying. Also, we must surround ourselves with people with a grace for execution.

Take a moment and do the task below:

Ask yourself these questions, am I a creator or a consumer? Am I adding value to the people around me? Is my life affecting people positively? Am I a plus to my community? Do I feel the need to contribute my quota to making the world a better place? What am I? Who am I? Why am I here? Constantly hunger to add value!

These questions need to be asked… being here is not an accident. Being who you are is not happenstance. There is a greater purpose, there’s a plan and we better get with the program.

We are meant to be the maker’s creative fingers splashing colors on the canvas of history.


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