LIFE UPDATE: Love? Life?

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  • Personal Development Passions & Ambition Pursuing
  • Have I found love?
  • What am I up to generally?
  • Fashion update
  • Online stalking
  • Fatness; Fitness

Usually, when I read blogs I try just relax, that’s my me time most of the time; I just relax with a glass of wine, water, juice, zobo whatever I’ve got at the moment  and watch YouTube videos and read my favorite blogs.  I can get so busy, if I’m not at work I’m at church or just hanging out with my community of friends. Life has been pretty exciting lately. I’ve been grateful, ungrateful, sad, happy etc

I’ve gone through crazy emotions and life drama. God has been there and he has used my friends to stand by me. I won’t name names but there are these two girls F and F then T, oh! B… basically, these people think they are my friends but in my head they are my sisters.

This is a life update blog post so grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever your thing is, and relax while I spill my gut on what my life has been up to.

Personal Development and Ambitions: Most of you know what I do for a living; you also know I am passionate about becoming successful and impact my generation. You also know that one of my major passions revolves around public speaking and you also know that I am not just passionate, I actually have a message. Apart from public speaking, I also love to motivate and inspire. I’m just hoping that this ministry can move to permanent site.  I sorta kinda got a promotion at work.(YAY) I was placed in charge of the women empowerment and legal aid NGO run by my Boss. Let’s just say I’m in Law heaven because I get to help abused women, children and that is another huge passion of mine.

Have I found love?  No. I’m just standing by the sidelines and I’m looking at everyone behave. I’m watching men being men and women being women. Let’s just say I’m ‘KERMITING’ this shit.

Fashion update: My eyebrows have chosen to pick good and bad days…some days it’s on fleek and some other days it’s on Flack. I have been experimenting with lip colours and that’s been really nice. I got four new colours yesterday and I have to say I love it. I’m yet to shop because I’m still fat and I’m hoping that someday I will take charge and just do it!

Fitness: Speaking of fatness! Sorry Fitness, my thighs have graduated from thunder thighs to lightning thighs. Don’t get me wrong, I still think I’m the best thing that happened to the world since sliced bread I’m not just a fine woman, I’m fierce honey (snaps fingers and rolls eyes!). I feel like this fallen weight loss hero needs to rise up and do something; get this body right last time and forever!

BTW I need a sugar daddy that want no sugar so he can pay Shredder gang to whip me into shape!

Online stalking: I feel like this is my new ministry. Walahi it’s the best thing I’ve been up to lately. I get a serious thrill from just sliding into people’s Instagram and Facebook and discover what they were up two five years ago. LOL  I am not stalking my ex neither is it a new boo. I have just taken up the habit of being 68 weeks deep into people’s Instagram pages or sometimes twitter. The weird thing is, most times these people are just complete strangers but it’s just fun to see what’s going on outside my circle. And don’t worry I don’t mistakenly like pictures I’m too smooth!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my life update! Have a fabulous week people!



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