I know what you did last weekend

i know what you did (2)

Well, I may not know what you did last weekend but now you will know what I was up to!

Happy Monday friends! How is everyone doing? How was your weekend? I hope it was as “bedstatstic” as mine if so Doxology .

Note: If you ever started a letter like this in secondary school stand up now and report yourself  in the comment section!!! LOL

So, my weekend was pretty interesting. It was not as much fun as I would have liked but it was great. I was alive; I could drink water, eat food and talk to friends.  Such a grand weekend it was. I like to say… “Everyday above ground is a good one”

So here is a breakdown of my weekend. Permit me to start from Thursday because it was a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!!! I love public holiday’s guys… I don’t know if I’m alone here… I think I have a love affair for public holidays because I was born on a public holiday! Hehe

Thursday: Thursday was great… Although I had a wedding invitation I decided to sleep IMG_20151001_202325in. people who know me know I do not like weddings. My friend did a nice thing by inviting me but I just loved my bed more. Later in the evening I went to see a broad way show…. Don’t get me started on that. I loved every minute of it while I sipped on my champagne.

Friday: Insert sad face. I went to work! You know I love my Job but coming out of public holiday mode was a little hard. After work I just did all my turn up in bed after a nice meal of moi moi and garri. I forgot to take pictures. I have to wake up o… as an aspiring YouTuber I must take picture of everything including my number two! Sorry LOL

Photo Collage Maker_uARke0
That’s me in bed making faces

Saturday: I slept. And slept.  And slept. Please don’t judge me our father in heaven sef rested on the seventh day Biko

I later had to do a few errands…. They bed turn up (Sleep)

Sunday: I went to church early!!!! That’s super special considering my new way of chronic lateness.  Pat on the back for me. I went home and made  some lunch. A few friends came over we ate and laughed.

This is me, wishing you a beautiful and fulfilling week.



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