MANHATTANDear friends, how are you? I hope you’ve had a fabulous October? I am sorry I have been MIA  from this space… I came back and guess what? there are no cobwebs!! LOL

I have scheduled posts, in fact I have hilarious posts plus video featuring a very funny celebrity! But I have not been able to blog, talk or think. Sometimes I feel like I’m frozen still in one spot, I am literally in this mind space where I cannot move, talk or think. I just go about my life’s mundane chores and hope that I wake up the next day and the next day.
Sometime, I feel like I’m in a dry place, where ideas are scarce and inspiration is low. I feel slow, tired and  lack motivation. This is unlike me because naturally, I’m busting with energy, ideas and passion! It took me two days to figure out if I should share this part of me or not.

Sometimes I just freeze. Sometimes I’m just dry and sometimes I feel both feelings simultaneously. The last one month has been very weird. This minute I’m frozen, the next I’m dry. Don’t ask me what these mean, I am just trying to paint you a picture and i hope you get it.

Join us for a spooky evening of trick or treating!

This for me is a bad bad place and today i snatch myself from the grasp bad times and I’m sharing this with you. I shall seal this deal with a hot bowl of Jollof rice and dodo (which is very very bad for me)hehe
So, there it is! My name is Omolara, I am human and I have deep unexplainable feelings sometimes
Do you ever feel stuck? have you overcome feelings like this? do you feel like sharing your experience(s)? The floor is open!

Next Post: Name change? we are going to be voting people!! See you soon!



  1. *Sigh* super hug for you Larz.
    I know this feeling all too well. How do I get out of it? Talk!!! Talk with my close confidants and get encouragement.
    Recently, I’ve been using exercise as an outlet for these feelings, I love the poem and I’m stealing it.
    Being human means flaws strength love, hate, beauty, hurt, life and death
    It also means you are not meant to be alone and are expected to get help.


  2. true girl,its just how humans are wired but we should not be overwhelmed bysuch times,our purpose on earth should drive us to the place of strength and hope. Miss u girl


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