Let me refresh your memories. The 411 is my weekly showcase of news, happenings and stuff I find interesting on the internet. I practically live on the internet and believe me, things are crazy out here! So, I decided to blog about things I find worthy of a laugh or some extra attention.

The fact that I don’t care what Nicki Minaj’s Halloween costume was does not mean that I do not find fun stuff on the internet.

NOTE; The 411 has no geographical location, it has no genre, it’s just a bunch of things I find interesting so… enjoy!

I was on twitter today and I read an article about Boko Haram and how the Nigerian army is kicking their butt. I personally have a lot to say about the fight against Boko Haram but I’m afraid to come off as insensitive. basically eh, i feel like guns and armor can only do so much. We are lacking in the most important aspect which is intelligence. We must be able to preempt their activities and curb them before they are carried out. Attack they say is the best form of defense.

Here is an article about how the men of the Nigerian army rid a school of Boko Haram terrorists in Borno state.

Read original story HERE

SEE ME SEE O! Apparently, sperm issues might be linked to shorter life span. So you may not only be shooting blanks you have a tendency to die young? Jisox!
Link to the article HERE

Speaking of sperm, I have uncovered a list of foods you have to avoid in order to boost your sex drive. Whether you be man or woman, your sex drive is a major part of your life. Colour me unsubscribed from the league of bad sex!

Google images

THIS I FOUND AMAZINGLY FUNNY! Quick question! What would you do if you get close to your crush and find that they cannot speak good English? As in they speak dead AF English

Read the original article HERE

Let’s talk about TPL (Twitter premier league) I’m not particularly interested in football but I’ve heard of how grand the TPL games can be. I’ve also heard that it is a place for networking and meeting boys. I have since picked up such interest on twitter and I have decided to attend the next edition. This decision to attend was in no way predicated upon the boy factor OK! LOL
I have been following the TPL twitter account since I got interested and today I found out that a few of their founding teams have withdrawn from attending the next edition. I can only imagine and lick my lips at the original gist behind this decision. It might be messy, it might not be!
Well, I’m still going to attend the tournament and get my networking on.
Read the full gist HERE

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