This post is for that person who thinks oh! I’ve wasted time, now it’s too late to start over! Well I’ve come to tell you today it is not too late. You have what it takes to figure these things out, past mistakes and foolishness does not have to determine how your life turns out.
Life presents us with choices, sometimes we do the right thing and sometimes we don’t. You do not have to beat yourself up for making wrong choices from time to time. Life is harder than further math. Most of us I’m sure failed math in school (I sucked at it. Three lesson teachers later I passed Math in WASSCE)

You haven’t failed at life yet so you’re doing great. You have time to figure these things out.
Now, there is no late comer catcher in life. No master Momoh (Secondary school literature teacher/late comer catcher) will ask you to kneel down if you’re late to marry, late to lose weight, late to tweet or comment on blog. LOL I digress.
My point is that sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we expect it to turn out; it most times will not turn out to reflect the results of your hard work. If right now, your life is not turning out the way you planned or worked for, don’t panic you are in great company. The beauty of life dear friends is that it gets better. It doesn’t matter what you think you’ve lost; it’s not too late to start over. Get that degree, start that business, call that personal trainer, call that guy/girl.

xocolate ATELIER
Do not let past mistakes hold you down. See, mistakes were created to be made. I don’t believe in the myopic view to life that some people have. Everything in life is on a straight line, everything is black and white. As I’ve grown older I have realized, there is no black and white. All there is a grey area where you have to make your mark and draw your lines.
Do not let the Mr. and Mrs. Perfects of this world ‘tension’ you. Take life one step at a time, work hard, be consistent and resilient. Above all, let God lead you.

Look! I ended up not using any personal examples. That’s so rare people. I think I enjoy talking about myself a little too much. LOL
According To Larz


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