I Have been Nominated: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


I have been Nominated by Quirkytims.com in the ongoing sisterhood of the word bloggers award and to accept this nomination I am to follow the following steps.

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site;
  2. Put the award logo on your blog;
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you;
  4. Nominate five blogs;
  5. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.


Step One: Thank you Quirkytims for the nomination.

Step Two: Logo is up on my blog!

Step Three: 10 Questions are answered below!

Step Four: Nominate Five blogs Abeg, Let me think. I’ve played the antisocial blogger for too long. i repent of my blog loner ways!

Step Five: conjure 10 questions…. Abracadabra! 10 questions come out!!!

I Nominate




The Vegan Nigerian


Hey Quirkytims, See the answers to the 10 questions o
1. What does friendship mean to you?
Answer: Friendship means sacrifice. I don’t care much for mushy behavior but I give my all. I think I’m the most loyal friend in the world LOL.
2. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve ever had?
Answer: Does Rice and Okro soup count?
3. If you could do anything (work related) what would it be?
Public Speaking, I will just travel the world and speak to large audiences on whatever topic they desire. I can talk to you about groundnuts and you will think it’s the best thing you’ve ever heard. I am not just great at it I feel like I was born to do this. So book me for your events and meetings. Thanks
4. What makes you happy?
Answer: Happy? What is that? I haven’t felt that in a while but I guess the feeling I get when I see flame grilled chicken, ribs and chips with yummy sauce may suffice.
5. If you had an unlimited amount of cash and can only buy one item, what would it be?
Answer: Jisox!! Unlimited amount of cash!!! Can it be in my account so I can swipe my black card? I’ve always dreamt of having one. Ok… to the question, I don’t know what I will buy first. I’ll probably buy a few houses in different parts of town so I can take homeless people of the street. Then I will buy myself a size 10 body and some new clothes to go with it! Factory fitted!!!!
6. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Answer: I would stop procrastinating. Then I would love people more, i.e. be more empathetic and probably admit that I can get mushy.
7. Do you have a role model?
Answer: I used to. Right now I have a few mentors but a role model? No. I am too paranoid and distrusting to have one. I would not be able to stop imagining the dirty, dirty, bad things they probably do behind my back while trying to keep up appearances! I am a weirdo I know.
8. What is your favourite TV character?
Answer: Sheldon Cooper!!!!!!!!! From Big bang theory
9. If you had the power to change something about the world, what would it be?
Answer: I have a problem choosing between these two things.
No 1. I would remove/kill all Nigerian politicians above the age of 40. We are meant to be leaders of tomorrow, tomorrow has come and we are still unable to find jobs and feed our families… when will the leadership come?
No2. I would banish violence, hate and strife from the world, terrorism would not exist and we will all live happy and free!
10. If you could live in any country, where would you live?
Answer: Nigeria.
PS: Nominees please let me know when you do accept the nomination and are done answering the questions. Have a lovely rest f the week!

10 questions for my nominees

  1. How important is spirituality to you?
  2. Describe your blog in one sentence
  3. Describe my blog in one sentence
  4. What book are you reading ATM?
  5. Books or movies?
  6. Would you tell a person who has body odour they have got body/mouth odour?
  7. What’s your favourite thing about Nigeria?
  8. If you could only have one friend who would this be?
  9. Favourite TV Character?
  10. Whats the craziest thing you would do for money?

Thank you for reading this very long blog post.

There’s a catch!!!

If you made it here to the end of this post, please enter your email and phone details in the comment box you have won airtime worth 500 Naira!

According to Larz


6 thoughts on “I Have been Nominated: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. I enjoy your blog, makes me laugh. And it’s 💯 percent real. You got me there when you said you’d kill all politicians above 40…we are together on that. When are we going to be the leaders of they don’t live?


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