Every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression including freedom to hold opinions and to receive ideas and information without interference.

I have always complained about the culture of oppression and suppression in Nigeria. Basically if you are young in Nigeria, and you see things going bad you mustn’t speak. You are expected to shut the hell up. I remember an adult I grew up around who incessantly re iterated that “Omode o ni opinion” meaning, a child has no opinion or in better words, a child must not express their opinion.
Oppression is a culture in this part of the world, if you happen to be in a position of advantage; you owe it to the ‘Nigerian universe’ to oppress those who are below. The rich oppress the poor, the poor oppress the homeless, even Nigerian animals oppress one another. It seems to me that everywhere you turn in Nigeria the culture of oppression is prevalent. I remember one of my secondary schools got sued by my dad for trying to shut me up. The school had a certain reputation, and said reputation did not match with what was obtainable on ground, it was completely different from the reality we lived in the school.
So I decided to write a letter to my parents and a friend at another school about what was going on. Somehow the vice principal intercepted my letter and read it. Probably thought it was to my boyfriend. She read it and then became angry. (I still wonder why the truth makes Nigerian adults angry!)
Fast forward to next Monday, she called me out on the assembly and told the whole school I was a traitor and that I was tarnishing the image of the school. She proceeded to give me 6 strokes of the cane on my back and buttocks and ordered that I fill a 5,000 gallon tank with water from a far away stream. (Stream that was in the bush that no one used)
I proceeded to sneak out of school and went straight to my Dad’s office to report the incident. Needless to say, my dad was livid. We calmly drove to a law office and reported the incident. I was so angry and disgusted, how can I say the truth in a private letter and get crucified for it? I was so angry I just sat in the car quietly. You guys know your girl, head dey twich no be today!
The lawyer said he was going to write a letter and bla bla bla all I could hear myself say was no letter sue them please. I want the school shut down! After some time of speaking to the lawyer we decided to give them room to apologize. I got my public apology but I have since despised Nigerians who engage in the culture of oppression.
This post definitely needs a part two so I’ll just stop here. I’d just like to say a nation that shuts up it’s young ones has no future! Nigerian Law School, take note.

Till I bring you part two, be a law abiding citizen!

According to Larz



  1. You likkle rebel. Who’d have thought? Touche! I do have to wonder what it is you wrote about the school for your crime to have been labelled, to roughly exaggerate – treason.


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