My hair care Ninjas!

So as you all know I am the self acclaimed queen of affordable afros. I personally do not like spending money and that is not just because I don’t have a lot of money at the moment. It’s because I just don’t like to spend and I love to get value for my money. Apparently, this makes me Ijebu lol (Yoruba slang for a frugal person)

I don;t know if you know but i am a naturalista and sometimes it’s the best thing ever and the next I just want to scream! Natural hair is the best beauty decision I’ve ever made but with this comes huge hair care responsibilities. Over the years, my hair care regime  has evolved and I’m doing better if I do say so myself. The amazing thing however is I have mastered the art of managing my hair without breaking the bank and from time to time ill share this trick with you. For now, enjoy my FAV hair products.

So today, I’ll share with you my favourite hair products at the moment. And they range from absolutely free to about 1,500 naira. So enjoy!

Image result for bentonite clay mask

Bentonite Clay +ACV: this gives my hair life! It re arranges my curl pattern in a way that I do not particularly understand but I love. A portion of this mixed with Apple cider vinegar is all the yumminess my hair needs!

Image result for Shea Butter

Shea Butter: I have unlimited supply of this baby. I used to OD on this stuff but now I use smaller quantity. I love shea butter it’s like oil but then it’s not oil. It’s just an amazing to lock in moisture!

Image result for oriflame coconut hair oil

Coconut oil: I do not usually use castor oil because coconut oil is giving me life! I usually buy the raw mix from Ekiti its super cheap and super real. I got this particular one  from an oriflamme distributor she told me it was amazing and ‘brethens’ I tasted and saw that it is amaze! My only issue is that the bottle is darn small! I purchased this for 1,450 Naira and its worth every kobo.

Image result for Beauty Formula avocado hair treatment wax

Beauty Formula Avocado hair wax:  I bought this from Shoprite for about 1,100 Naira. It’s perfect for deep conditioning and I’ve got amazing results!


Some Honey Ointment whose name I’m not sure of: OK, sweet story! i went to a hair dressing salon close to my house and wanted to die my hair black. This conversation ensued.

Aunty Hair: your hair is virgin hair Abi?

Me: I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, if one more Nigerian calls my hair virgin I’ll roll on the ground and have a fit. (Oh! Then I reluctantly said yes)

Aunty Hair: She whips out this jar and says I’ve been selling this to people with virgin hair, they say it’s so great!

Me: How Much?

Aunty Hair: 1,000 naira!

Me: rejoices on the inside….

Long story short, this product is the truth!!!!! My hair is better for it. It’s not a temporary fix o, it proper makes your 4c hair feel 4b ish. So nice!

Image result for protective  mega hair growth leave in conditioner

Protectiv Mega growth leave – in conditioner: This is my yummy yummy  leave in conditioner which cost me 1,350 Naira at Shoprite. But then, one day I was at BG Mart trying to buy a sandwich, then window shop a little and Bam! I see it! the same product for 1,100 Naira. Let’s just say Shoprite has lost a customer.

Spray bottle: Cost me nothing. I just used old Feebreeze bottle mix water and some hair oils and bam! Spray bottle haff come!

Hope this post has helped you in one way or another. If yes, please let me know in the comment section. if you want me to do hair posts more often as well, please let me know in the comment box below!

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