In the spirit of #flashbackfriday I need to gist you about all the failed friendships I’ve ever had. I would have said relationships but I’ve only had one boyfriend and that’s not worth a blog post!

Speaking of exes, what do you think of the #Hellochallenge on social media? This song by Adele is legendary AF the thing is, I never expected less. What I did not expect however, is the completely hilarious challenge that has followed the song. My twitter and Instagram pages have me cracking up like a crazy person in public! Complete hilarity!

I cannot try that challenge because I still hate my ex and I don’t trust myself not to say HELLO OLORIBURUKU FROM THE OUTSIDE … I kid

Speaking of my crazy! I get crazy jealous, and no! Not in relationships I can date a person and not feel an iota of jealousy when they flirt or talk to others. I suck at recognizing and feeling emotions.

I have noticed however, that I get crazy jealous when my friend gets a new friend. I do not know how to explain this irrational feeling but you know when your friend, probably a girl takes up another friend or meets someone new and they become chummy and start doing things that we used to do together with that person. Chai! This is how my head will be hot and I proper might start hyper ventilating! See brown paper bag everywhere!  Image result for jealousy meme

Hey, don’t judge me, I know this is a rather irrational reaction to new friendships but… that’s just me. Do I want change? Hell yes! I don’t want to be the one going crazy over happy situation.

MY NAME IS OMOLARA AND HERE IS MY CRAZY (Actually, just one of many)

Lets share, what’s your crazy? What is the crazy irrational thing you do? Leave it down in the comment box below!

BTW: TGIF!!!! I do not have plans other than to rest my sore muscles.

According to Larz


8 thoughts on “HERE IS MY CRAZY!

  1. Lol! I love this post. I’m the same. The so called “relationships” I’ve been in don’t deserve a blog post. I care more about my friends to be honest and it’s ok that they have other friends. It isn’t nice when you feel you’re being replaced which has happened to me a few times.

    My crazy is ranting for a while when someone pisses me off.

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  2. #HelloFromTamiezAlcove
    I didn’t know you started blogging again. I know, I can carry last like that sometimes.
    Read your comment calling on atilola’s calling us out for ‘fogerrin’ you…emabinu..

    I used to have the exact same crazy about new friends…..but that was a long time ago.


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