there is free lunch in lagos! (1)

Actually, I have a song. I’m sorry but I am Nigerian and we know how testimonies go in Nigeria. 5 songs later “our mummy” will say “I will be very brief” enh… what if you don’t want to be brief nko? You will drop album right before your testimony EH? I digress, but that’s not news to you I am the queen of digression LOL (Please, is that English?)

Let’s get to the point shall we? I am feeling particularly grateful today. I feel like the windows of heaven just opened upon me and made my day effortlessly easy and happy. I am truly grateful for the free ride to work, I am grateful for the free lunch at Spurs restaurant, GRA, Ikeja, I am truly grateful for the small job (Extra cash) that came my way even though I bent over backwards to deliver, I am completely grateful for my boss who sent me to Alausa, Ikeja on official business and gave me triple my cab fare.

I am grateful for FALZTHEBADGUY’S ALBUM that dropped today, (Please buy on all available platforms, links will be posted on the blog in a few days) I am Thankful for TITI, I am thankful for Orchid Bistro, I am more grateful that I SAT AT A TABLE WITH  FRIENDS EATING YUMMY DESERT; THAT WAFFLE WAS LUSH BUT I ATE NOTHING, I DIDN’T EVEN FEEL LIKE EATING ANYTHING; if you are a weight loss candidate you will know that that’s a victory bigger than the wall of Jericho

I am totally in awe of God, he  saw that I needed a break, I needed some air and joy and he aligned my day to comprise of just what I needed!

Love! Everyone who saw me today smiled, hugged, complemented me. They were all out to get me; they were all out to get me to a happy place!

Who said there’s no free lunch in Lagos??? When God is buying my dear, there is free lunch and dinner and cab fare no one is telling you just the Tip!

I pray for you today friends, God will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

Have an amazing week people!

According To Larz


4 thoughts on “FREE LUNCH IN LAGOS!?

  1. Haha love it! Love the photo art too. God is awesome. Shows up for us when we least expect it / when we desperately need it!… infact, everytime!
    Love your blog, Ma’am 😀


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