Happy Friday friends!!! How was your week? Mine was exhausting! There was loads to be done and you know as a lawyer, a crazy busy is an exciting one so, I am thankful. We all should be feeling pretty thankful  to God for another week of 2015 gone. Although my phone was stolen on Wednesday, I still made sure I enjoyed the week! Odikwa Hard! 


Recently, I decided to get serious about my blog and use it as a medium to sell my brand, this had me  doing a lot of research. I have checked out at least 60 blogs in the last 2 weeks apart from my normal blog stops hahaha you get that? Blog stops?

While i browsed, skimmed and read, I discovered 8 things about bloggers in general but I’d like to talk mostly about Nigerian bloggers for now. Enjoy.

P.S:  I will try not to hate too much in this post because some blogs were just so yummy  I wanted to steal them…  (But I didn’t)

PP.S:  I am sure you know when I say everybody you know I mean… never mind!

  • EVERYONE IS A FASHION BLOGGER: most of the blogs are fashion blogs with hot outfits… mostly unaffordable. I just wanted to get teary eyed and cry aloud what about me? Main issue is I suck at fashion. If it is not black and another colour I probably cannot pair it. So, well done fashion people, keep blogging maybe one day I will learn.


  • EVERYONE IS SO SLIM: This one is just so real… Although I found a few curvy bloggers, I still felt like everyone was so slim. Let me just tell you I am just jealous. I have to say however that everyone is so on fleek out here! and there I am looking one kind sha


  • EVERYONE HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL: These are not just lazy YouTube channels; the content I’ve found has been mostly amazing. During a recent conversation, a friend and I agreed that we are in the Uk/America of 7 years ago.  YouTube is now big and people are going to get paid!!! Although YouTubers like to claim ‘I do it for the fun’ yes, I am a lawyer for the fun too! I am really interested in YouTube but between my job, my business, this blog and losing weight, I cannot find time.


  • EVERYONE IS A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER: AAAhhh!!! This one kills me. What has your 12 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes to do with a deep ass message?” God has brought me here and he will do yours just trust in him” did God physically buy those shoes? If yes oya preach! But if your parents, yourself, sugar daddy/mummy bought the shoes please we would appreciate an outfit to go with it not a faux deep message. Thanks. AS YOU WERE


  • THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH TECH BLOGS: I lived abroad for a minute and one of my favourite things about that was how there was an answer to every question! We may Google blogs abroad to solve out little tech issues, but we all know that Nigerian problems are SPECIAL. Who will teach us how to SMACK our DSTV remote control when it’s acting up or how to cut NEPA wire and connect it straight to our AC so we pay fewer bills…  Hey I’m not teaching bad thing o just saying!


  • THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH DIY BLOGS: There aren’t enough DIY blogs so if you love crafts and you plan to start blogging, there’s a huge market for you out here. Start today I will definitely read and learn.


  • THERE’S NOT ENOUGH ORIGINAL CONTENT: There’s a lot of  copy copy going on here people. There are things like copyright laws and infringement you know? I am sure there are about 19 other things you do wrong when you copy somebody’s work without crediting the source or proper acknowledgments. Personally I think Plagiarism is low and unprofessional get it together bloggers!


  • THE BLOG DESIGNS, PICTURE QUALITY AND GENERAL FITNESS AND STYLE ARE AMAZING: They make my blog shiver. Nigerians are always excellent at what we do, we always bring our A game. That makes me proud to be Nigerian. One of my very few moments of pride.

I’ll have you know that this is one of the most candid things I’ve ever written. I have also tried to not come off as insulting or berating others. I am not here to throw shade or Diss anyone. This is my honest observation and opinion.

Lara sees Lara speaks.

According to Larz.






  1. Heheh. Lara I like this post so much. I can read it over and over because it is not boring at all!. You are very right about the scarcity of DIY blogs, and I think some of them started but gave up along the line because there’s no ‘market’. I have a lot of blogstops too and I actuly noticed some of what you listed here. Keep it up dear. You are doing a good job. Ehen, you didnt mention anything about food blogs? What do you think about them?


  2. Where to start? You’re right I guess.

    As a student fashion blogger I can tell you my outfits are super affordable. I used to mention some prices but people would turn their noses which I don’t understand. Doesn’t everyone like affordable fashion? I guess they’re more interested in seeing people rock high fashion clothes (which explains why the Kardashians are still in business)

    As for DIY blogs, I just started a Fashion DIY section on my blog. As at now, I only have one post but I plan to post more on Saturdays. Probably biweekly.

    As for original content, *sigh*. I agree wholeheartedly. Copying people would never help. Unless you’re copying a lot of people in which case people will think you’re original. I like this post- the honesty and the way you ended it. Epic.

    This is the longest response I’ve ever typed.



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