I do not like to attend weddings, I am not particularly sure how I feel about them. My reactions range from stupidly happy and smiling unnecessarily to hating the whole ceremony mostly because of it’s excesses.  I also hate Asoebi and the pressure to look on fleek. Finally, I do not like to leave my house on Saturdays. I really would just love to spend my Saturdays in bed cuddling my laptop and phone plus making trouble on twitter.

Don’t worry I am not a Sadist.

This year I have been to about four weddings and on all occasions, this viral song by Harrysong has been played. I will leave a video down below… It’s a nice song, nice beat and catchy as well.

However, I find that this song is completely inappropriate for weddings! Why would my boo get a boo on the best day of our relationship? Why can I not be my boo’s only boo on my wedding day? The DJs at all four weddings I have been to played this song and this had me cringing. I do not find it normal that a song that suggests/endorses infidelity is played at a celebration of monogamy. Cringe.

This song is not alone, the e fe jo ku ni o by Lil Kesh also gives me massive concerns! On Wa fe ku laleyi song  I am open to arguments for and against! LOL

I personally feel like I might kill the DJ that would dare play this song at my wedding.

Nigerian weddings are filled with the most inappropriate moments! From annoying relatives to annoying MCs/Comperes. The worst I’ve ever experienced would be that one time I almost had a prayer band session on my matter asking God to find me my own man! Sigh

What are the inappropriate things you find at Nigerian Weddings? Drop your comments in the box below…  Lets Chat!

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10 thoughts on “EVEN YOUR BOO GET A WHAT?

  1. Hmm…I’m sure you captured my thoughts about the song too.

    One of the so many things I hate about some wedding receptions:-
    – that part where they say “couple feeding themselves”…etc


  2. Whoa! I thought I was the only one who would rather be in bed than at a wedding!!
    I do not enjoy wedding ceremonies, I just attend to fulfill all righteousness. It’s not like am not happy for the couple or any of that ish, but the ceremonies are always same and just boring.

    At wedding ceremonies I dislike
    *chairman opening speech (what the heck is he talking about is always my thought)
    *the cutting the cake and asking one or two spectators to say what they saw/ thought when the couple cut the cake (that’s the worst part for me)
    * then the feeding themselves part (cringggg)
    *annoying MC’s

    Most people just hire a dj without picking their music and are now forced to dance to whatever, if not why would such a son be played at a wedding. Not going to happen to me biko.



  3. Great post. The one I find totally unacceptable is the part where the MC tells the couple to kiss until he says stop and then he doesn’t say stop for like a whole year!!! What’s that rubbish? I’m so going to warn my MC, lol.

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