If you did not know that the friend zone has levels just like degrees, this blog post will educate you.

I was having a conversation with a few friends this morning and of course we got talking about men. I have tried to stop talking about men but I find that whenever I am among women of my age the topic shifts and dwells on men. Chai! The struggle odikwa real!

Then this issue of men steady claiming sapiosexual came up! In fact, we had a good laugh sharing experiences and a bit of gossip. It’s true though, men like to claim “I only like intelligent girls” “in fact, I am super sapiosexual” all na lie!

Fast forward to when this guy wants to get a girlfriend or get married, bros will show up with a hot girl that can barely spell her name! Mean while you and Mr. Man have spent nights proofreading his term paper, discussing politics till midnight…  My people this is the next level of friend zone. I have been there but that was a long time ago!

Let’s chat; have you been in this situation before? Do you have that one friend who needs you for almost everything but when it’s time for romance and stuff, they will start telling you about some girl they met and usually the girls are bleh? My darling, this is the PhD level of friend Zone!

Leave your comments in the box below! Let’s have a laugh.

Below are a couple of Memes I found on goggle… Enjoy!


friend zone


There is God

According to Larz



9 thoughts on “FRIEND ZONE B.Sc, LLb, MSc, PhD

  1. We’ve all been in the friendzone Republic before or still in there as first class citizens…personally these days I decide to put myself in d friendzone cos Mehn I if ain’t ready for relationship n love comes knocking n u mess it up wat will u do? So just turn d whole to platonic relationship or as in my primary skool back then will call it “agape love” for d safety of the other person


  2. I didn’t know that there was a phd in friend zone level oh. If I am not interested, I usually just try not to be too friendly with the person. If I friend zone someone and have them do my mid term papers. I would feel like I am using them.

    So I don’t understand why guys would do that. This level of friend zone is just too much.


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