It’s exactly 7 days to the end of the 16 days of activism and I am so happy at the response and participation. A lot of you commended the poem by Adeyinka Adefemi and I am sure we could relate to the poem on more levels than one.

The 16 days of activism for those who do not know, this an initiative of the United Nations geared toward ending gender based violence.  Here at According to Larz, as much as we are a feel good humorous blog, one of our major tasks is activism and advocacy. We must stand up for what we believe in and lend our voice to important issues affecting Nigeria and the world.

That Yoruba adage states… ai le soro ni ibere oriburuku.

Anyone who gives me a correct translation of that phrase in the comment box wins 500 Naira recharge card. Ask our former winners… we actually do send them out.

Today, we shall be discussing a very serious issue RAPE. An issue surrounding this topic has been trending on twitter and this is going to be how I lend my voice. As much as I didn’t want to be a party to the Sugabelly drama on twitter during the week, it falls right in the topic for discussion during the #16daysofactivism.

SUGABELLY DRAMA= A minor who was allegedly raped on several occasions by her boyfriend, his friends and brothers alike. The so called boyfriend of course had a mental hold on her, he did not just abuse her physically, and he made sure he abused her mentally and physiologically as well. (Oh! Sorry ALLEGEDLY) He has since moved on with his life, gotten married etc

I had many things to say on this issue, some of which I expressed on twitter. This issue really opened my eyes to another level of ignorance plaguing our people in Nigeria. The stigma surrounding rape and other sexual offences is at an appalling level. This explains why no one speaks up about this pandemic and I must confess, the silence is killing people. The silence is killing our Nigerian sisters and brothers and we must find a way to help them.

A country where the male folk see rape as punishment for bad behavior or ‘indecent’ dressing is a completely backward one. The actual worst for me was the reactions of the female folk, lots of women or shall I say disturbed women find it ok to  blame the victims of sexual  assault even going to the extent of calling rape victims disparaging names. I saw names ranging from prostitutes to whore; some took it further by saying she enjoyed it. How depraved are you!? Some women who I can best describe as demented accused her of trying to get revenge by spoiling his marriage and good name of the family… this particular comment had me in a fit!

This post is the part where I want you to express yourselves, let’s discuss what can be done to end ignorance among Nigerians where it concerns rape and other sexually oriented offence. What can the citizens do? What can government do?

Let us discuss this against this backdrop.

  • Research has shown that in the legal history of Nigeria, only 18 rape convictions have been recorded.
  • As a lawyer I know that the threshold for proving a rape accusation is too high what can we do about this?

Make your recommendations, make your emotional arguments, just make sure you’re speaking or as the case may be, typing.

Let us start an important conversation here. In the next post, I will be releasing statistics and serious information about this issue plus all your recommendations and arguments will be included in the next post.

Don’t keep quiet! Speak up against violence against Women!

According  to Larz.






  1. For my translation: One’s silence is the beginning of one’s doom.

    Welldone on this series, Larz! A very sensitive but equally important issue xx


  2. Thanks for this post According to Larz, I was not even aware the activism thing was going on so thanks for sharing. Our reaction to rape issues is one of the reasons why we are still described as a developing country. Reading your post and the responses of women especially also almost got me into a fit! But I know our people, that is the general reaction, the rapist is the ‘alleged’ culprit who was only giving the girl the abuse she asked for. That is why girls don’t come forward and that is why rapists are getting stronger and bolder. I don’t think we can change this stereotype by just talking, our justice system needs to show victims that they can come out, report and they will be protected not abused further.
    When the general public sees how the justice system sends rapists to jail for the 21 years they say in the constitution, for real, they will learn that raping is never to be condoned even if the girl was walking the streets naked. This is totally on our justice system, they need to take responsibility because it’s their slack in the past that made this disease fester for so long. Now, they gotta clean up the mess.
    Sorry about my rant, I just get riled up when this issue comes up and there seems to be no help for the victims.


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