I am the chief of street food. This means that most times, I recklessly eat out. I do not particularly place much value on homemade stuff! If someone can make it why bother!? LOL

The question as to whether I am proud of this fact is story for another day. I have gone as far as eating fruits without washing them so; I am no stranger to bad habits! (Hey! Don’t judge) But guess what guys, I have changed… errr I will try to change. In the times past, I have heard speculations about how street Zobo sellers pick up their bottles from dump site and the dirty girl in me will shrug off such information and still drink Zobo with reckless abandon.

NOTE: Zobo is a Nigerian, deliciously relaxing drink made from hibiscus flower.

My dear people it was with my koro koro eyes that I witnessed a woman picking bottles from a trash truck on Isaac John Street in GRA, IKEJA. I was devastated and I began to thank the lord that I only got typhoid that one time. If we are to go by my ways; eating food straight out of the fridge, buying Mai shai (Mallam made bread and eggs, indomie noodles  on occasion) , drinking Zobo and just doing anyhow eh?  *Insert praise worship*

I could not believe that I was sitting in that keks hale and hearty. Actually, consider this my first thanksgiving post in preparation for the New Year!

I have now decided to do better. Hey don’t kid yourself, my street eating is not going anywhere, but I think I have definetly reached the point where I stick to homemade drinks only.

People of God, this is the end of my street zobo drinking career. Sobs… till fade

According to Larz



11 thoughts on “THE ZOBO SITUATION

  1. Hi Larz,

    Yikes! Street food is delicious but has it problems, I ate bad suya recently, it tasted heavenly but I got food-poisoning afterwards. 😀

    I love drinking zobo, a fast-food restaurant in my neighborhood had the brilliant idea to provide zobo as a healthier beverage option. It’s well packaged with a label, that’s the only way that I can ever buy Zobo. The other option is to make it myself.


  2. Me I love street food. I don’t know if I can ever stop but when I go to the Amala joint, I will just console myself that I will be fine. I love Zobo drink but I love Zobo made by me so I can add pineapple, ginger, orange, garlic to my taste.


  3. And I’m sure she didn’t put those bottles through the 3-step purification process.
    The things we eat though…but hey, that’s cos you saw that naw. What of the not properly washed plates in them bukas or the mallam that didn’t wash his hands after doing his business before making your indomie…Just keep doing your praise and worship


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