Judging yourself harshly is like judging a porters end product by his bowl of clay. This is just hasty generalization that leaves you feeling silly. Your life is undergoing construction and it will be super silly to judge your destination by your journey. Judging oneself too harshly is a self destructive trait that most of us posses. It is basically comparing your beginning to someone’s ending.

We judge ourselves too harshly for the weirdest of reasons, our hair, the size of our waists and above all our abilities. This most times end up messing with our minds and self confidence. I spent some time thinking on this topic over the weekend and I decided to do a short post to encourage someone today to trust in God and their abilities. Do not let life mess with your head; keep your eyes on the prize. You’re a work in progress.

I will share with you 5 ways to stop judging yourself and live your life.

  • Don’t blame yourself for things you cannot control


  • Silence the enemy within: An African proverb states “Where there’s no enemy within, the enemy without cannot hurt you”.


  • Focus on progress: We all have times where we feel like we are failing; we must not dwell in that place. You must get up and try again. Set your eyes on progress, not perfection.


  • Stop comparing yourself to others


  • Dig deep into your spirituality and find inner peace.


I sincerely hope this helps, I pray that we get a better hang of things and find living daily an amazing experience.

According to Larz



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