As a human rights advocate and activist, I have been seriously quiet on issues regarding the LGBT community in Nigeria.


I finally have something to say, this is borne out of serious consideration, intellectual actualization and a juxtaposition of the LGBT position with my faith as a Christian and I have come to some conclusions and I hope you take me as I am.


I reached this mental and intellectual climax with the help of TIERS Nigeria. (The initiative for equal rights) I attended their human rights event titled: Human rights, Sexuality and the Law. It was an amazing event and the panelists made education and information as refreshing as possible. I have learnt that as a human rights activist and advocate and feminist, I cannot remove LGBT rights from the mix.


A cross section

I met Pamela Agba, she is a FIN sister! I was so humbled by her submissions and her personal way of getting her message across. She was soft spoken yet affirmative, delicate yet strong. I also met a twitter buddy! We came from Retweeting one another to taking selfies!



I met Ayo Sogunro, I have never read any of his works but I have always imagined him as this amazingly intelligent person, meeting him was such a privilege. He exceeded all my expectations and when he inadvertently quoted Shakespeare in a random conversation, my brain had an orgasm!


Ayo Sogunro… The struggle to get a smile eh..!

I bought Elnathan’s book (Born on a Tuesday). I have to admit I found him really attractive and you guys know I find intelligent, eloquent and knowledgeable men attractive. This sapiosexual hustle will not make me a slut o! (epp me).  I told him my exact thoughts about him, reading his satire on his blog always made me think of him as an almost crass, arrogant person. Meeting him debunked all of that. I do not know him personally but from what I saw, he is a decent guy… I’d totally fux with him! Errr his mind I mean!


I want to be on Elnathan’s Boat! LOL

WanaWana is always a breath of fresh air. I have met her at a few events around Lagos and we kinda have a social media acquaintance thing going on… I was so impressed by the way she handled the sessions, she was informed and ready and it showed. Did I mention, her voice sounded like honey dripping off  Morris Chestnut’s bare bod?

I also met Iheoma Obibi an inspiring feminist! She was completely amazing and her open approach to sex is just refreshing. We need to leave the hypocrisy behind and embrace a safer, more informed sexual community.  Married people take note, don’t waste your license Biko!


Very Inspiring!

In general, I had an amazing time at the event. I also had multiple brain orgasms and that was the highlight of my day!

Much more than that, I have come to some important conclusions of my own about issues surrounding LGBT rights.

  • Jesus came for every human in the whole wide world. LGBT people are not tables, they are human so that means Jesus came for them too!
  • Do I understand same sex attraction? Sometimes i do, sometimes i don’t. Does that mean I would judge them? NO
  • Government owes the LGBT community the right to protection from harassment. It is wrong that the same government who should protect them is the one enabling the harassment.
  • The Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act (2013) and other laws reducing LGBT people to nothing and making them easy targets for thirsty law enforcement officers are wrong and should be removed.
  • The VAAP ACT must be upheld and used in the protection of the LGBT community in regards to torture, correctional rape, harassment and other human rights violations they may face.

Finally, I would like to mention that chapter 4 of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria provides fundamental human rights for all Nigerians, all persons it states:  LGBT people are humans /persons. They constitute a portion of the citizenry of this great nation and must be treated as such. The law must protect us all despite our differences!


This post is too long so I’ll do a part two sometimes soon. Please ask your questions  and make your comments in the box provided below.

Different doesn’t always mean wrong.

According to Larz



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