I have had my share of ups and downs and so have you. For the last three years or so, I sort of lost the will to live, so I just walked through life surviving, not making so much of an effort to actually enjoy life. That changed in 2015. In the last days of 2014, I had no resolutions, no prayer points and no list of aspirations and achievements. I just wanted 2015 to come and go. 2015 came and things started to happen, I started to live, I unknowingly started making an effort, was smiling more and right here right now, I am amazingly thankful. I am not where I want to be but I am definitely not where I used to be. Actually I am in a good place… Mostly.

How was 2015 for you? wanna share? Please I want to read all about your year in the comment section. Today, I want to share 12 lessons I learnt in 2015. I definitely learnt a lot more but these are the ones I remember and I just want you to enjoy.


JANUARY: Leave your Ex alone. There is a reason you broke up, that reason will not disappear because of your wishful thinking. It’s amazing how we think some 1st of January  holy water will transform our exes from being a douche nylon (bag) and miraculously re create him! LOL

FEBRUARY: Do not be afraid to start small. The journey might look long and crazy but there is beauty in your process.

MARCH: Take that bold step. Do not be afraid to take a step towards achieving your dreams. The road called life is long and windy and you must be ready to take a step even if it’s not convenient.

APRIL: Take charge of your life. Do not let another person determine the direction in which your life goes…. It’s is good to take counsel, but make sure the decision is yours. GB

MAY: Let your hair down and live! Actually, really live! Don’t be afraid of judgment from people who do not have a stake in your life. Do something stupid! Live a little!

JUNE: Don’t let anyone run your life. It will be difficult to shift the blame if things go wrong!

JULY: It’s OK to be afraid. Do not let the fear cripple you though. It’s OK to own your emotions and cry if you need to. Let no one pressure you to have it together all the time.

AUGUST: It’s always darkest before the dawn. Things might get really rough and life may get really rocky. If you hold on long enough, everything will be just fine. Hold on and be strong.

SEPTEMBER: Be patient. This is a continuous lesson for me, I struggle with being patient and I spend every day working on this aspect of me. I have gotten into a bit of trouble here and there because of my lack of patience.

OCTOBER: Don’t be afraid of the gospel of Jesus. I had to choose between being cool and publicly declaring my affiliation with Jesus…of course I chose my Jesus! People won’t save me when I am out on the cold and life is dealing with me. Biko!

NOVEMBER:  See a man diligent in his work? He will stand before kings and not mere men. Basically, intensify your diligence and consistency it will make way for you!

DECEMBER: The major lesson for this month is that it doesn’t matter how bad you think your life is, it could be well worse. It’s true that lots of people are doing better than you are but the fact that you have eyes to see those people and ears to hear them is reason enough to be thankful. One must be thankful!

PS: I have loads of pictures from the two charity events I was a part of this December! I can’t wait to share my Christmas stories as well. Do not forget to share your own lessons in the comment box! Let’s share and learn!

PSS: How hot is my picture above? I am gradually gaining the confidence to put myself out here!

Have a beautiful Christmas darlings!

According to Larz




3 thoughts on “12 MONTHS 12 LESSONS

  1. Wow, so amazing.
    Your lessons are filled with so much wisdom.
    I will say that I have also learned to start small. Can I be honest? I hate to start small. Why can’t I start big? Its seems like others start big. But I have learnt that big things start small. And starting small allows me to enjoy the process more. It allows me to see God at work. There is nothing wrong in starting small at all at all. That is what I have learnt this year.



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