BEST OF 2015

BEST OF 2015


2015: I don’t wanna brag, but I’ll be the best you ever had…

Me: Nah hunny! Wait till 2016 you will be jealous!

I am very optimistic about the new year and that is so new for me. 2015 was a good year and I am trusting that 2016 would even be better!

How are you and yours? I hope you are having a swell holiday time? i am having a pretty decent time, eating, jogging and mostly deceiving myself.

Here are a few of my favourite things in 2015 in no particular order. Enjoy

FAVOURITE BODY PART: My Hair! My hair is yum! Although I have a protective style in, I cannot wait to let my baby out to play! hehe


Africanism Cosmopolitan: This is one of my favourite blogs mostly because of the nice fusion of faith and fashion!

Naijasinglegirl : This is my place of laughter! She is super witty and I love it!

Naija Husband: What’s not to love? I love the madness in their beauty!

Dear God diaries: This is my place of inspiration. I completely like her effortless yet impactful blog posts!

Tuke’s quest: I started reading this blog about a month ago and it’s actually a breath of fresh air. She plays the saxophone too!!! Lovely blog.

Berry Dakara: I love this blog because it’s personal but in a way it manages to still be not so personal! I hope you get what I mean.

I am definitely naming a few here.. I read a lot of blogs and I  am mostly left inspired. Shout out to all Nigerian bloggers out there, you guys rock! I cannot wait to learn from you and partner with you in the New Year!


FAVOURITE EVENT:  My favourite event would have to be the TIERS Nigeria human rights celebration. I attended loads of events this year, mostly intellectual but this one was with a difference.

FAVOURITE MAKEUP PRODUCT: I have always been a Mac somebody. I am in no way a makeup snob but I have just been using the last set of makeup I bought which happened to be Mac products. Recently, my foundation finished and I was not financially in a place to spend that much money  on foundation so I decided to opt for a  drug store product. That was when I found this Avon foundation in colour Z305 ‘earth ‘. It has changed my life. It blends oh so perfectly and matches my skin keeping my melanin on fleek! It was just 1,800 Naira! As you guys know, that price is very pleasing to my ijebu brain!

FAVOURITE SCRIPTURE: “For everyone born of God has overcome the world, this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith”. 1 John 5:4 this scripture changed my life. Devil be trying to steal my joy but this scripture is a reminder that I have overcome, I overcame even before I was born!

FAVOURITE PERSON: That would still be me! I love me eh, but my thunder thighs keeps interfering with my self love so I’ve started to get rid if it. I’m going to be 2016 hot! Pray for me Biko! Loosing weight is more difficult than pulling teeth!

FAVORITE GIFT/PRESENT: My phone! youdonbiliveet!! I’ve had serious phone struggle this year! One bastard that is on errand for the devil keeps stealing my phone! Chai!

FAVOURITE LESSON OF THE YEAR: Consistency is everything. You will not fly from beginning to the end; you must be diligent in your process!

FAVOURITE ACTIVITY OF THE YEAR: Dancing! I have broken out of my hiding a bit more, I have equipped myself with dance steps such as Shoki, Galala, Alanta, shakitibobo etc and I am just busy dancing up and down! I cannot stop! Actually, epp me, I am not a baddo sneh. LOL


Keep the list going guys… let me know what your favourite part of the year was, favourite cologne, anything! I am here to read and converse with you.




2 thoughts on “BEST OF 2015

  1. Just like you, my favorite part of my body is my hair lol. I take pride in my protective styles and other hairstyles. My favorite makeup product would be the Nyx matte lip cream in Cannes and Milan.


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