Happy New Year!!!! But first, read my super embarrassing story featuring my hand and a stranger’s crotch!



Normally, it’s time to share goals for the year and other main stream stuff, at least that’s what other bloggers are doing,  but if you are a regular reader you will already know that I am not normal… normal is boring abi?

This particular event I am about to share happened at the Ikeja mall during the holidays!

Guys, I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life. Everyone knows that the malls were super crowded during the holidays but that wasn’t going stop me from watching movies and enjoying my time off. So, on this particular day, I am there ‘roughing’ it at Ikeja mall, it was darn overcrowded! Literally everyone in Lagos was there.

I was walking away from Slot and some lady almost ran into me, then I make a quick swerve only to discover that I had swung my arm and hit the guy behind me in his wait for it… crotch!

Now, my hands are pretty heavy and the swing was a bit much: all I could see was a man holding his crotch in pain! I was so sorry and so ashamed at the same time. So I stood there apologizing profusely, a few people stood by to witness what just went down… chai! (You know Nigerians they must stand and look!)

That was how I almost destroyed someone’s baby factory o! The guy looked up after a few seconds and said “it’s ok, it was a mistake” I was still standing there apologizing and the by standers were there making small talk and giggling! It must have been so embarrassing for the guy because I sure felt like I wanted to disappear! The guy just jejely made a turn into the toilet adjacent to Slot! I just walked away feeling super awkward!

I have more Tales from the holiday madness. My dear people, do you want to know the top five most inappropriate things said to me on my trip to Ekiti? Make sure you stay around! In fact, this one is so hot I am thinking of making a video!

Oya, Stories Apart!

I am seriously grateful to God for the amazing opportunity called 2016. How was 2015? Just know that no matter how amazing 2015 was for you, 2016 will even be more amazing. If you like I had it rough in 2015; get ready for 2016 because it’s our year or great glory! I am so happy to be writing this blog post because it means that I am alive and well and so are you.

According to Larz




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